How Long Should You Hit a Vape for – 2024 Guide


Smoking has been popular for many years now, however, the methods of nicotine consumption are always changing. While the health risks related to cigarettes are known, people are looking for a healthier alternative.

That is where vapes come into play. They are electronic devices filled with nicotine liquids that vaporize under the charge of the battery. With that, they produce a rich smoke that makes the experience even more interesting.

If you have been smoking in the past, congratulations on looking for alternatives to leave the tobacco behind. If you are a beginner in vaping, we made this article to teach you about vaping, including how to use the devices and how long the hits should be.

Vaping explanation


The process of using an electronic cigarette or a device to heat the nicotine liquids is vaping. When the liquids get in contact with the heat, they vaporize and produce rich smoke for you to enjoy.

The liquid is responsible for the smoke and how it affects your throat and lungs. It consists of three components. Propylene glycol is in control for the hit on the throat, the vegetable glycerin is increasing the thickness of the vapor, and the effects of nicotine are already known.

On the other hand, the device usually consists of a battery that is used to heat the coils, a cartridge or a container that holds the nicotine liquids, and a tip to place it in your mouth. All these elements work in a perfectly designed system for maximum functionality.

Why it is superior to cigarettes


The risks of regular tobacco are already known and presented to its consumers. They are caused by the various ingredients in the tobacco that get further activated by the heat of the torch. Besides nicotine which is the active ingredient, people inhale many cancerous products.

In vaping, the juices are carefully prepared to have fewer toxic chemicals than tobacco. In addition, the liquids are not heated up to a point of burning which prevents the release of cancerous products.

With many studies completed, scientists have proven that vaping is a far less harmful way of consuming nicotine compared to regular cigs. That is the reason why many people consider switching to vaping.

In addition, the transfer to a vape makes breaking the smoking habit easier, which is always beneficial.

How to use the devices

Even though you still have to smoke it, it is not the same as regular cigars. For that reason, you should not do short puffs like for tobacco, but long and steady pulls until you fill your mouth with smoke. This can take up to several seconds, but it is different for everybody since everyone has their technique.

To start up the device you have to warm up the coils. This requires a quick inhalation just for priming purposes. You will notice how there is no smoke. As soon as the device becomes ready, you should begin with slow and steady smokes until your mouth gets filled. Hold the smoke for up to five seconds, and then inhale it.

Unlike tobacco which lets you immediately feel the effects, you will have to be patient with the vapes. It usually takes around half a minute to feel the effects, so wait a bit before you proceed to the next hit. This will help in preventing being overwhelmed and gaining intoxication from too much nicotine.

Differences in devices


We have shown the anatomy of the electronic smoking device above. However, we must present the various vaping devices so you can select the one that suits your needs the most.

Electronic cigarettes

They are the closest you can get to an actual cigarette in terms of appearance. For that reason, if you are looking for a compact, easy to be used vape that looks exactly like a cig, this is the product for you.

The drawbacks to this device are that you are limited to the flavor selection, they produce less smoke, and they can be more expensive in continuous use. however, if you just want to try them, they are a good pick.

Disposable devices

Similar to e-cigs, disposable devices are a great way to get yourself introduced to a vape. They come already prepared with a liquid and a battery that cannot be recharged. That way, you consume the vape and you throw it away. This makes them highly convenient which made them grow in popularity.

Like any other product, they have certain drawbacks. Firstly, they seem inexpensive, however, with constant use they become costly. In addition, you are contributing to earth pollution since you are constantly disposing of batteries which is surely bad.

More powerful systems

In this category, we have pods, pens, and mods. Even though they are completely separate devices, we’ve included them in this category because they can be reused, and produce more smoke.

Pods are great and easy to be used. Depending on the system, whether open or closed you can get the chance to purchase nicotine liquids up to your choice. However, have less power than the mods.

Pens are convenient because of their shape, and can easily fit inside your pockets. The buttons make this product easy to be controlled, and you can also select the type of system for the ability to get different juices. However, not only do they have less power than the mods and pods, but they produce less smoke, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Lastly, the mods are the most powerful devices, with a larger battery and longevity. If you like to produce large smoking clouds, this is the device for you. In addition, you will be able to do modifications that increase the experience of the experienced smokers. However, they are large and can cause problems in everyday carry, and it is harder to learn to operate them.


Where to purchase them from

Since you will be inhaling this product, you have to be sure that you are getting them from the right place. With many stores, it might be hard for you to decide. So, look for online stores like Dr Dabber that offer thorough information and specifications on their devices.

The employees in such stores are always willing to help and guide you through your first vape purchase. They will recommend brands and products letting you know about their good and bad sides. In addition, they will teach you how to operate your first vape which will make your whole experience a lot better.