5 Facts to Know About Laser Hair Removal – 2024 Guide

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Are you having trouble with stubborn hair, which, no matter what you do, somehow always appears? Well, you are not the only one, and many people have this problem too. Luckily, there are many ways we can effectively get rid of it, and one of the best ways to do so is laser hair removal. Now, many still have some doubts about the procedure, most of them being about the pain the treatment causes and the possible side effects, and way too many articles with not enough info can only confuse someone even more. That is why we will not take a closer look at the five facts everyone should know about laser hair removal.

1. It doesn’t cause any illness

There is a misconception that they can cause many health problems, some severe conditions like cancer and sterility, but fortunately, that is not true. All this misconception about the lasers, how they work, and how they can affect our body is something more of a myth, and the procedure is actually pretty safe because the laser lights directly on the follicles, and that light are not strong enough to damage our DNA in any way.

It is emitting non-ionizing radiation, which is similar to UV lightning, and everybody knows that it is not harmful, at least not in the way we think. Only the surface of the skin is exposed in this procedure, so the internal organs are protected. Because of that, it is unlikely that it causes infertility or any other damage to our organs since it doesn’t even reach them. Besides all that, pregnant or lactating women and patients with severe conditions like diabetes or immunodeficiency should avoid any laser treatments.

2. It works on every part of the body

Regardless of the mistaken belief that it is reserved only for those parts we frequently shave, the procedure can actually be performed on any part of the body. It can be perfect for all those who want to get rid of annoying hair, no matter the part of the body and hair thickness. The best thing, among the fact that it can be performed on almost any part of the body, is that it will cause no or low pain.

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Of course, all this depends on the part of the body and how sensitive someone is, but the overall experience of many satisfied users is that the opposite of what some may believe, it is as painless as it gets. Another benefit is that there is no special preparation required, so all you have to do is choose a treatment you want and schedule it on time. Because of everything mentioned above, it can be perfect for those with low pain tolerance and for those who want the best possible look in a short time.

3. It’s not that painful

We all take good care of ourselves, how we look, and what impression our appearance has on other people, and since technology advances so much, so did many new ways we can work on how we look appeared.

It may be true that the term laser was once associated with the term pain, but fortunately, all that is so much different now. Today’s technology is very advanced, meaning that all laser treatments today are almost painless. Because of that, if the pain is the only reason why you have not yet decided to go through with this procedure, then you should definitely consider that decision and look at all the pros and cons once again.

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With laser hair removal, you will not only be more than satisfied with the outcome but also immediately schedule another treatment because you will realize that all the rumors about lasers causing so much pain were just that, rumors. The treatment itself does not last long, and the pain is negligible. Many people compare this pain to plucking eyebrows or a mosquito bite, and that is what we are all used to, and, to put it simply, although you will experience some pain, the effects of laser hair removal are much greater.

4. It takes a few sessions

Keep in mind that it is impossible to remove all hair after one treatment. The results often depend on how thick the hair is, and because of that, it may take several treatments to deal with all those stubborn hair, but once you deal with all that, everything will be much easier. Although the treatments do not last long and are almost painless, more of them are needed to achieve the desired result. It usually takes six to eight meetings with a dermatologist, and it depends on the strength of the hair root.

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Some people have hair that is harder to remove, while some find it more manageable, so you need to make an appointment and discuss it with an expert. Don’t expect instant results if you do not want to be disappointed because every treatment takes time to give results. Be patient, and in the end, everything will be as you imagined precisely.

5. Medical grade lasers have better results

Yes, there are some lasers that you can buy and use at home, but that is where many myths and wrong impressions about laser hair removal starts. The first and most important thing is that it is a medical procedure, meaning that specialists who know how to perform one should be the ones actually performing them. Furthermore, those devices you may have at home are for cosmetic purposes, meaning that they cannot provide the same results as the professional ones. The third thing is that they are simply not as powerful as those used in dermatologists clinics, which answers both questions, why devices some may have at home are not as effective as those used in clinics, and why professionals should perform these procedures.

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People who are specifically licensed to perform these treatments possess knowledge on how to do it and have vast experience doing so, which is not something we can say for ourselves. There are many factors to supervise, like skin sensitivity and hair color, which is why consulting with the dermatologist before the treatment is a must.

Summing up

Now, when we know that it is not a cause of any illness, does not cause unbearable pain, and one cannot compare it to similar devices they have at home, the decision should be simple. If you were already considering laser hair removal, there is no reason not to schedule the treatment right away since the soon you start with one, the sooner you will get rid of that stubborn hair bothering you. But, if this wasn’t enough and you are still uncertain of what to do, you can find all the necessary info about this topic here, along with the info about the best medical laser hair removal device on the market.

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