How Often Should A Cooling Tower Be Cleaned?


If your facility is using cooling towers, you should ensure their proper cleanup. Of course, there will be a person in charge of maintaining the cooling towers, but you should also be careful. If your facility uses these cooling towers excessively, it is essential to clean them twice a year. Because they gather up piles of debris that will eventually affect their performance. Thus, it affects the efficiency of the towers.

So if you are observing a lower working efficiency, you can ask for a cleanup. It is possible that the management forgot to do the cleanup. However, there won’t be a significant change in the working performance in a year or two. Therefore, you should set up a reminder for the cleaning time.

And if you are having any sort of problem with your towers, you can contact Industrial Cooling Solutions. They will provide you with the parts if anything is damaged. For example, you need to replace the fan stacks, you can buy them from them. Likewise, they have various other parts including gearboxes, nozzles, motors, Fill media and Drift Eliminators, and other hardware.

Consequences of not cleaning on time


If you are thinking that it is not necessary to do twice a year cleanup, read these facts. If you own a residential building like a hotel, you need consistent cooling in every room. But if your cooling towers are not clean, they will not be able to cool down the rooms. So on hot days, it would be suffocating to stay in the room without much cooling. Thus, you will lose your business.

And when you are running such a business, there will definitely be a kitchen to prepare meals. And lack of cleaning will result in the birth of “Legionella” bacteria. These are freshwater living bacteria that can easily end up in water spaces.

So if the cooling towers are contaminated with these bacteria, they will end up in every room. Eventually, they will go to the kitchen too and will contaminate the food. Moreover, they will also be in the water droplets that the residents will inhale. Consequently, you might end up in a less hygienic situation and lose your business.

Because these bacteria are responsible for causing lung inflammation and other serious illnesses. So if even one of your residents ends up knowing the cause of the problem, you will have to face serious consequences.

In addition to this, dirty machinery will reduce the service life of different parts, their efficiency, and also safety. Thus, you will end up with a bigger cost. Therefore, it is better to clean them regularly instead of waiting for parts to deteriorate.

How often?


Cleaning should be done twice a year. This is enough to prevent any possible microbial growth and serious consequences. However, if the water facility has concerns over the water quality, you should also pay more attention to it.

Contaminated water will result in more frequent bacterial and microbial growth. Thus, you will need more cleaning. So do check for the water quality.

Furthermore, you can also check for the presence of microbial growth. Do this after every three months. For example, you did the cleanup and disinfection in the first month and the next cleanup is 6 months far. So you should inspect in the 3rd month. This will give you an idea of microbial growth.

So, if the results meet the quality standards, you can rest for another 3 months. However, if you find the existence of different bacteria, especially Legionella, you will need an early cleanup.

Payback from frequent cleaning


You might think that it costs you to do frequent cleaning, but you are actually unaware of its payback. Although it cost you but it reduces the extra costs. For example, you have to pay for medical expenses if you face a lawsuit because of unhygienic conditions.

Likewise, if you have not cleaned the system for a long time, there will be a lot of debris. And of course, the microbes too. This will cause a foul smell that will make everyone uncomfortable. Furthermore, the debris will affect performance and there won’t be much cooling.

So you will be spending on getting rid of the smell from every room. And on introducing other cooling means. This will increase the cost many times. Now, don’t you think it is better to do regular cleaning?

And if you maintain regular cleaning, you will be able to enjoy the effective working for a longer time. Cleaned towers will offer a long service life. Thus, you won’t have to replace the parts because they deteriorated because of staying in polluted and contaminated water.

Handle it to professionals


Cleaning large cooling towers for facilities is not an easy job. Therefore, a person can’t do this effectively. Furthermore, cleaning and disinfecting is not possible for a layman this is not something like cleaning the room or washroom. Cooling towers are large spaces and need proper maintenance.

You will need professional expertise to do the job. They will analyze the extent of cleaning. For example, the different safety parameters. This analysis will give them the idea of cleaning. Thus, they will do the job accordingly. The analysis will let them whether they need a disinfectant or not and how much of that do they need.

In addition to this, after cleaning your space, they will do another analysis to make sure that nothing is left. Thus, you will have clear data to show to the customers and relevant authorities. So if you happen to face a lawsuit, you can show them the proof that your residential place is completely safe and hygienic.

To say it simply, you won’t be having just a cleanup, it will enhance your business performance. And getting it done by professionals will be of great benefit to you and your business.

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