How you Should Decorate Your Home, According to Your Star Sign


It is said that every Zodiac sign has distinct characteristics. With that in mind, looking to your star sign could be an incredibly useful source of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home.

This could be a fantastic way to connect with an authentic version of yourself and will allow you to feel the most confident and comfortable in the space you have created.

Interior design experts at Hammonds have worked with astrologer, crystal healer, and moon mentor Bex Milford to come up with suggestions for what décor may be best suited for each star sign.

With that in mind, below are some ideas for ways you could look to decorate your home based on your star sign:


Generally, Aries will prefer to keep things minimalistic, so opting for black and white monochrome could be a good route to go down. Alternatively, textures such as brushed metal, steel, and even exposed concrete could help to enhance a space without adding too much color.


Soft throws, plump cushions, thick sheepskin rugs, and materials of velvet and silk are the way to go for this sign. Natural light is also important to Taurus, and so they are drawn to big windows, preferably with a view of the garden.



Curious and cheerful, Geminis are known for their eclectic taste and enjoyment of bright colors. Think yellows, blues, and brightly patterned materials that are fashionable with just a hint of quirkiness thrown in for good measure.


Big antique mirrors, old chests from charity shops, and huge wardrobes are staples you may find in a Cancer’s bedroom. A neutral color palette featuring soft pastels, pearly hues, and whites would help create the perfect space.


Leo’s aren’t afraid to make a bold statement when it comes to décor. Think strong bold colors such as royal blue, crimson, or any of the other jewel tones. You could also opt for a dramatic light feature to bring the room together.


Virgos prefer to keep things simple and chic, this sign loves clean lines, minimal fuss, and neutrality. Furniture should be simplistic in design but also exquisitely made, and functionality is also important to help keep the space clutter-free.



Cotton and linen are the preferred fabrics for Libra, in shades such as soft pink, pastel purple, and light green. You could help elevate the space with soft lighting, plenty of candles, and beautiful flowers to bring the room to life.


A sign with a flair for the dramatic, Scorpio will favor bold and contrasting colors that make a statement. Think deep reds with splashes of black or brown framed by crisp white walls.


The perfect space for a Sagittarius will be fun and experimental, with lots of bright colors and quirky fabrics. Think mosaic tiles, bamboo, and leather in royal purples and blues.


Exposed stone, dark woods like walnut or petrified woods would be perfectly suited for a room for someone with a Capricorn star sign. Natural light is also essential for these signs, so floor to ceiling windows is the way to go for them.



Trend-setting Aquarius tends to mix the modern with the old in an eclectic mix that represents their love of freedom. Think electric blue, aquamarine and turquoise for a bathroom, incorporating glass and feathers to heighten the senses.


Somewhere between bohemian and cosmopolitan, the ideal décor for a Pisces should be reflective of this water-loving sign. A palette of pale blues and greys with silk and marble would be the ideal choice.

Practical Tips for Each Star Sign

To translate astrological insights into practical decor, consider elements such as furniture arrangement, color schemes, and specific decor items. For Aries, minimalistic furniture and monochrome tones work best. Taurus thrives in cozy spaces with natural light, and Geminis love eclectic and bright decor.

Cancer’s vintage charm pairs well with a neutral palette. Leos embrace bold statements with jewel-toned accents, while Virgos prefer sleek and clutter-free spaces. Libras appreciate soft fabrics and elegant touches, and Scorpios thrive in dramatic, contrasting settings. Sagittarius enjoys bright and experimental decor, while Capricorn leans towards natural and earthy materials. Aquarius combines modern and eclectic elements, and Pisces favors water-inspired decor with pale blues and greys.


Compatibility in Home Decor

Understanding how different star signs may harmonize or clash in home decor can help create balanced living spaces. Consider combining elements from compatible signs for shared areas, while maintaining individual touches in personal spaces. For example, Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) may find compatibility in natural and minimalist decor, while Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may gravitate towards bold and vibrant styles.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) appreciate eclectic and modern designs, while Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) favor soothing and artistic decor. By recognizing compatibilities, you can create harmonious and balanced living environments.

Adding Personalization to Your Star Sign Decor

While aligning decor with your star sign is insightful, don’t forget to infuse personal touches that reflect your unique preferences and experiences. Incorporate sentimental items, family heirlooms, or DIY projects that hold personal significance.

This blend of astrological inspiration and personalization can create a truly authentic and meaningful living space. For example, a Cancer with a passion for travel might incorporate souvenirs and travel-themed decor into their vintage and neutral palette, adding a personal touch to their star sign’s recommendations.


Budget-Friendly Decor Options

Achieving star sign-inspired decor doesn’t have to break the bank. Explore budget-friendly alternatives such as thrift store finds, DIY projects, or upcycled furniture. Aries’ minimalistic style can be achieved through affordable, clean-lined furniture, and Taurus’s cozy aesthetic can be created with cost-effective plush cushions and throws.

Gemini’s love for eclectic decor can be satisfied by mixing and matching budget-friendly items with a hint of quirkiness. By seeking affordable options and getting creative, you can align your decor with your star sign while staying within your budget.


Decorating your home based on your star sign is a creative and personalized way to make your space uniquely yours. Whether you prefer minimalist Aries or water-inspired Pisces decor, these insights can help you create a harmonious and meaningful living environment.