6 Healthy Ways To Detox During The Quarantine

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The term detoxification or detox of the organism refers to the cleansing of the organism from toxins, harmful substances to which we are daily exposed through food, water, air, environment, but also cleaning agents, cosmetics, cigarettes or in cases of drug consumption. Cleansing the body of harmful substances is becoming increasingly popular among the general population. Alternative medicine recommends detoxifying the body several times a year and especially now during the quarantine.

Quarantine And Its Consequences

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We are undergoing a coronavirus pandemic most of us have spent or are spending time in quarantine. It can be not only boring but out of boredom we indulge in unhealthy habits. Many of us have amassed a few pounds of excess, some have stepped up smoking, others have increased their alcohol consumption, according to this research by Kans Law Firm, and in the U.S. buying marijuana online has experienced a real boom. Due to the lack of movement and physical activity in isolation, the feeling of lethargy does not disappear, and we do not know what to do with ourselves, so we constantly ingest various unhealthy things. Therefore, you should try detoxification during the quarantine.

The Goal Of Detoxification

The goal of this procedure is to return the organism to a state of homeostasis and balance, but also to cleanse the organs of toxins and free radicals. We must not forget the intake of healthy nutrients primarily antioxidants such as vitamins C (boostceuticals.com), A, and E, selenium, lycopene, lutein, etc. All this improves overall health and alleviates health problems. This procedure helps us get more energy to perform daily tasks. After detoxification, there is also the achievement of a feeling of contentment and calmness of spirit.

How Does The Detoxification Process Take Place?

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Cleansing from harmful substances in the body takes place daily through the intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymph. Nevertheless, there are some chemical compounds that our body cannot remove by normal metabolic pathways. They accumulate over the years in our adipose tissue and blood. Scientists have proven that harmful substances affect the work of hormones, slow down metabolism – and affect the development of metabolic syndrome – weight gain, the development of cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. There are also certain harmful substances that we ingest, such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.

Toxins from these substances accumulate in fat cells – and thus are expelled from the body for longer. This can be inconvenient not only for health but also in a situation where, for example – the employer asks you to take a drug test. Then the question of so-called rapid detoxification arises, which is possible, but not always feasible because it depends on the time you have available.

How To Cleanse The Body?

All toxic chemical compounds that cannot be excreted from the body due to the impaired function of our organs remain in our circulatory and lymphatic systems. The basis of detoxification is certainly the cleansing of the lymphatic system, such as preparations based on aloe vera, seaweed, beets, cranberries, and carrots.

Cleansing the body includes the consumption of fruits and vegetables, herbal preparations, teas, fruit and vegetable juices, seeds, fermented dairy products (probiotics), larger amounts of water, and dietary supplements. Elimination of high-calorie foods such as meat, meat products, fast food, refined foods, cakes, sweets, snacks, coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages is mandatory. It is desirable to engage in physical activity during the detoxification of the body to speed up the metabolism and eliminate harmful substances faster.

Healthy Ways To Detox

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Detoxification of the organism in a natural way, with food and water, therefore means consuming the most natural and simple food, with very little oil, spices, and salt. Also, carbonated drinks, sugar, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol are thrown out. Here are 6 healthy ways to detox

1. Water

During such a program and in general all detoxification programs, water is the main factor in detoxification or cleansing the body of toxins as well as parasites and heavy metals. It is recommended to drink three liters of water a day.

2. Drinks For Detoxification

Although you can make those natural and homemade drinks based on cucumber, ginger, or aloe – sometimes we don’t have time for that. Therefore, one of the tested and recommended detox drinks can always be used. According to medsignals.com – this is especially important for those who periodically or regularly consume substances like marijuana. Therefore, drinks like Mega Clean detox can help in such situations and make your body cleanse in a relatively short time. This and similar herbal diuretics may be especially important for those who are afraid of being tested for illicit substances.

3. Detox From Medication

We already know that pharmaceutical drugs poison our bodies. We must strive to eliminate toxins that are formed after the prolonged use of these drugs. How? For a start, clean intestines are important, regular stools are important, and we achieve that with the help of a plant-based diet, intake of enough fluids, and physical activity. Consumption of medicinal plants such as hay causes regular emptying – but also foods such as dates, avocados, plums, etc. Don’t forget to drink as much water as possible, two to three liters of non-carbonated water a day, and you will certainly encourage cleansing, kidney function, and ease the liver.

4. Liver Detoxification From Toxins And Alcohol

The liver performs several important functions and is thus responsible for the processing of food and fats, the elimination of toxins and other harmful substances. It is the most important detoxifying organ in the body, whose health is very important to preserve because it can be negatively affected by several things, and some of them are alcohol and exposure to toxins. Tangerine has proven to be an excellent solution – and a means of detoxifying or cleansing the liver of alcohol and accumulated toxins. The food itself contains choline and vitamin B, which improve the work of this organ. Prepare a drink that will enable the necessary regeneration of the liver. All you need to do is put one carrot, an apple, fresh beets, and small celery in the juicer. Drain the juice, add a few drops of lemon and drink while it is fresh. You can also use a liver detoxification supplement as the one provided by Supersmart for cleansing your liver and maintain your overall health.

5. Intestinal Detox

If you want to heal naturally and be completely healthy and vital, bowel cleansing is one of the basic things. The advice is to include juices in your daily menu to improve bowel emptying and cleansing of residual fecal matter. Prepare one handful of spinach, six flowers of broccoli, three chard leaves, eight carrots, wash all these ingredients, and squeeze in a juicer.

6. Physical Activity

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It is important to note that during the detox of the body, we must follow certain rules – and some of these are enough sleep because sleep and rest are key to the recovery of the body. Physical activity is also poor from the essentials of a detoxification program because all toxins are excreted through sweat. Fresh air is indispensable – and as such is key to the vitality of the body and increases energy.