How To Pack And Ship Handmade Jewellery


Thanks to the growing community of online shops, buying handmade jewellery has made it convenient for anyone who wants one. When a customer purchases the product, sellers should ensure that they have done everything to gain the customer’s trust – this includes securing the shipment, guaranteeing their product arrives in perfect condition. How you pack and ship your jewellery after a transaction is an essential step in that process.

If you’re having trouble branding, packing, and delivering your jewellery, this article will make the whole process a piece of cake! Here are steps in packing and shipping handmade jewellery:

1. Packing


Packaging is a huge factor to branded businesses, and now small jewellery shops are gradually catching up. It’s unwise to ignore this aspect of the company because it helps shape your brand reputation. Good packaging quality demonstrates that you have managed the whole production process and paid close attention to detail. Here are the steps to pack handmade jewellery:

1. Look For Packaging Trends And Personalize

Don’t just go with the first idea that comes to mind. Take a look at the availability of materials as well as the forms, styles, and sizes of packaging used by competitors. What seems to catch the eyes of the public? You would see this in packaging trends. You can start by making a board of ideas for the kind of packaging that you like. Then, examine the size of the jewellery and the best casing and wrapping materials for it. After this, you can choose the style that best suits your needs.

Personalization can liven up even the most basic jewellery boxes, so don’t be afraid to give a personal touch to brighten your customers’ faces. It’s also a great approach to get people’s attention and for them to know your business. If you’re looking for jewellery boxes to pack your items in, read more.

The options for enhancing the visual impact of your package are seemingly endless. You only need to search for ideas and ignite your creative ability.

2. Pick A Style And Branding


There are different styles of packaging to choose from. From boxes of various forms to kraft products, paper bags, gift bags, envelopes, and even organza bags. After completing your initial research, you should already have a good idea of what you want, then you can combine this with your branding.

As mentioned above, branding is essential not just for adding a little more flair to your packaging but also for increasing brand awareness by bringing customers back to your business. Custom labels can also be added to the tiny boxes that contain your jewellery, or you can order custom boxes with your business’s logo. You may also consider coming up with your brands’ trademark colour to use for your packaging – like Tiffany’s famous blue for inspiration. To keep all packaging features matched, use coloured wrapping paper or ribbon that complements your shop’s colour scheme.

3. Invest In High-Quality Packaging Materials

When shipping, it is essential to invest in high-quality packaging materials. This ensures that your jewellery reaches your customer safely. You don’t want them to notify you that the jewellery is broken or lost when it arrives. This could result in the customer requesting a refund or leaving a poor review.

Fragile pieces must be carefully packed so that it does not tangle or become damaged during transportation. Smaller items can be packed safely by placing them in an elegant pouch or box. This helps to keep things like earrings together while shipping.

So, consider the type of jewellery you’re sending to ensure its security since some jewellery will need extra packaging than others. For example, beadworks or other similar pieces may require extra care when mailing. Some handmade jewellery sellers seal jewellery in bubble wrap before placing it in zip locks or organza bags. While others fill in the spaces with packaging filler such as peanuts or torn paper.

Before sealing the complete item in a cushioned mailing envelope, you may also wrap the box or pouch with tissue and padding.

4. Encourage Repeat Purchases


What better way to boost repeat sales than to have your buyer’s full attention? When a customer receives her jewellery shipment from you, you can be confident that you have her attention focused on your well-packed items. This is a perfect moment to build customer loyalty, so seize this opportunity. Making it easy for customers to reach you again when they’re ready to make another purchase is a terrific approach to increase repeat sales. Insert a business card with your name and social media business pages within the jewellery box. This will not only encourage repeat purchases, but it is also a simple way to increase your social media following.

Some might even include meaningful thank you cards for the customers, while others add in samples and freebies like free loose beads or rings if you’re selling handcrafted jewellery.



When shipping jewellery, it’s essential to keep the outside packing as inconspicuous as possible. After all, you don’t want anyone to notice that your package contains valuables. You can label a shipment as ‘fragile’ but you should generally avoid writing ‘valuables’ anywhere from the outside. It is preferable to send valuables in-person to an actual shipping provider instead of placing them in a drop box. Make sure to hand your box to a postal worker or shipping agent in person and obtain a receipt so you can track the progress of your shipment. Also, choose a reliable shipping company. Because with trusted quality courier services you can ensure that your packaging will arrive undamaged and complete.

If your products are precious, you may wish to use priority mail or even consider insuring them – that way, you’ll have protection if they are lost on route.

Final Thoughts

Quality branding, secure packing, and safe shipment of your jewellery goods are essential factors of a successful e-commerce experience. With these easy steps, you can be confident that your jewellery will arrive in perfect condition and ready to amaze your customers.