Are Farmhouse Kitchens Worth The Hype?


The kitchen is a haven for most members of the household because it is where the hearty meals and good food are being made. It’s a place of comfort – a warm place where everyone can sit down and pause for a little while to partake in meals.

These days, the farmhouse kitchen style is becoming popular. Most people are switching towards this kind of kitchen through purchasing good finds in local stores. If you prefer shopping online, sources like Annie and Oak offer quality farmhouse-themed products like sinks, kitchen cabinets, and decor items.


People are now into farmhouse kitchens for many different reasons. Just like thinking about what to wear, people are also often indecisive when it comes to choosing the style and design of our kitchen because we just don’t want to leave that part of the house less cared for and less planned. Most people will take some time to think about what theme to apply. And just like what was earlier, a farmhouse kitchen becomes one of the most selected options.

That’s why in this article, we will try to answer the question of whether a farmhouse-style kitchen is really worth the hype? Well, this question is very subjective, first of all, because what is “worth it” for you might not be as worth it for the others.

So in order to assess, we will start by stating the good things about having a farmhouse kitchen style in your house.


1. There are plenty of ways to achieve this kind of kitchen by using the materials that are found in your attic or storage room and even in your backyard

These materials could be later formed or used as ornaments or decorations. The farmhouse kitchen is all about putting rustic, earth-like decors at various kitchen angles, such as in the walls and tables. Meaning, achieving this kind of kitchen doesn’t hurt your wallet so much.

2. Farmhouse kitchens encourage you to refigure some things that are not used into something purposeful

Recycling is your friend when creating a farmhouse kitchen. For example, the old handle of your door can be repainted and be used as a handle of your modern kitchenware. This will definitely give your kitchen wares a combination of both classic and contemporary look all perfect for achieving your farmhouse style kitchen.

3. The farmhouse kitchen style often necessitates the usage of neutral paint colors on your walls and ceilings

Using colors that don’t hurt the eye gives you a sense of relaxation and calm while cooking in your kitchen. Neutral colors are often classic, and throughout time, these colors don’t just go out easily from trends because they are basic colors. They are often less complicated colors, and that almost all of your kitchenware and pieces of furniture would easily blend. Then again, that’s not to say you can’t add a pop of color to your kitchen. Adding some blues and yellows can brighten it up and give off that homely vibe.


4. Farmhouse kitchens aid health in some way

Farmhouse kitchens would be more attractive when they contain indoor plants. Some good ones are the snake plant and the peace lily. It is believed that these types of plants absorb negative energies within the room and are often not so difficult to take care of. It keeps the oxygen from flowing and purifies the air and thereby deter illnesses. Indoor plants also lessen tension because these are pleasing to the eyes.

5. Most farmhouse kitchens have a coffee bar

Most members of the household start their day with coffee, and this gives them a sense of comfort before they start their day. The coffee bar in this type of kitchen is often the most favorite part of the kitchen because it is also where mug collections are being stored or kept.

6. Farmhouse kitchens would need a window to illuminate natural light

One of the things that makes the farmhouse kitchen style interesting it’s because you have to complete the look by placing a window for a natural ray of sunshine. Of course, the sun is beneficial in many ways. It gives natural light, and this often sets the morning mood. Second, sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D (at a specific hour) which is somehow beneficial for someone’s health.


7. Farmhouse kitchens have spacious farmhouse sinks

One distinguishing feature of farmhouse kitchens is that it needs a farmhouse kitchen sink. This type of sink is also helpful and purposeful because, for one, it helps store kitchen wares due to its large basin. Also, it can be made from materials that are durable such as porcelain. Meaning, having a farmhouse sink is really worth it because it permits functionality more than popularity.

8. Having to choose a farmhouse kitchen as a style of your kitchen exercises your creativity and resourcefulness

Your creativity will be stimulated in a good way because you’d be required to think thoroughly of what you’re going to put and how you are going to achieve that farmhouse vibe in your kitchen. It will put your creative juices to work.

Resourcefulness is also exercised when discerning your farmhouse kitchen. What makes a farmhouse kitchen good is a fact that it encourages using both classic and modern materials. There are plenty of materials which you can use to achieve this type of kitchen. This only makes it easier for you to achieve this kind of kitchen because most of it is found in your households.

Final Words

Now that the good things were laid down, we agree that the farmhouse kitchen style is worth the hype. It’s more than just keeping up with what’s popular. When someone switches to this type of kitchen, he or she doesn’t just do it for the purpose of getting into the trend but because it has beneficial things in terms of cost, creativity, and even health. It’s very encompassing and purposeful because it doesn’t just fit most people’s standards. But rather, it serves people’s needs.