The Many Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics


As the digital revolution continues to drive forward, the equipment undergoes a radical change. What used to be mechanical is now digital and with this new breed of touch-screen, tech emerges a special kind of logistics, namely white glove.

How technical is the work?

The equipment manufacturer will not permit people who are not certified to handle the equipment, something you would expect with expensive and delicate equipment, and with that in mind, here are some of the business sectors that rely heavily on white glove logistics.

1. Banking & Finance

All ATMs are installed and maintained by white glove teams, while secure telecommunications networks for stock exchanges and other trading platforms are also provided by the white glove technicians.

Let’s take a major UK bank as an example; they would have an ongoing contract with a company such as Rhenus High Tech to install and maintain all their ATMs within a specific area.

This would be a full-time job for a fully equipped mobile team and the employees are authorized to work with cash and automatic teller machines. Money counting machines and other hi-tech equipment that banks use is also looked after by the white glove logistics company.


2. Gaming & Vending

If you are playing the slots in a major casino, the chances are it was installed by white glove technicians and with the correct certification, the white glove team is permitted to handle this work.

Technicians have to regularly attend seminars and workshops to learn about new equipment, which is usually an ongoing process as new products are ready for release.

Entertainment equipment in pubs and clubs is installed and serviced by the white glove team, who are always on call for essential repairs.

3. Fitness & Well-Being

All the equipment found in a modern gym would be installed by white glove technicians, who transport, install and configure the equipment. They can also train gym staff on how to manage the equipment and should there be any issues, the white glove team is always on call.

Saunas and hot tubs also come under the umbrella of white-glove logistics. If you are about to launch your own business, here is some great digital marketing advice you might want to take onboard.

4. IT Hardware

When a large company wishes to replace all their computer hardware, this is the realm of white glove logistics, which are approved for WEEE disposal and can set up local area networks and configure shared printers, leaving the office fully functional.


5. Sports Arenas

Access control systems are put in place and maintained by ….., yes, you’ve guessed it, the white glove logistics team. These systems are very complex and a team would be on call around the clock to deal with any issues as they arise, while regular servicing would be done when the venue is closed.

6. Medical

High spec medical equipment such as MRI and CT scanning machines demand specialist handling, while robotic systems often carry out brain surgery, due to the precise nature of the equipment. X-Ray equipment is another field for the white glove logistic company and getting these large machines into the hospital and to their final resting place can be very challenging.

7. Manufacturing

Most large factories are either semi or fully automated and the latest generation of robots are installed and managed by the white glove team. Automakers, for example, have invested heavily in robot production lines and they do require round-the-clock attention. The teams that work with robotics do nothing else and each technician is required to obtain certification in order to carry out the work, which comes after a series of instructional workshops.


8. Retail

Digital signage and touch screen information boards require specialized installation, which is provided by a white glove logistics company. You can expect to see an increase in digital advertising screens, with huge units that display in HD format, as we move to the next dimension of digital equipment. New tills that use QR code technology are also very complex and are included in the long list of things the white glove technician can do. Click here for more information about QR technology, which is used around the world.

9. Print & Imaging

Laser printing and complex imaging equipment would be the domain of the white-glove team, who are manufacturer-approved to install and maintain high spec printing and imaging equipment.

10. Tech Companies

If you ever require a data center relocated, the white glove provider is the one to contact, while they also set up new data centers and can install the racking and bring the servers online while configuring the network. Old equipment is responsibly disposed of in line with UK government WEEE regulations, while the maintenance would fall to the same team that installed the servers.

11. Aviation & Airports

Flight simulators are incredibly complex and therefore require professional handling, while access control systems in place are also the responsibility of the certified technicians. Luggage sorting networks are becoming more automated, with miles of conveyor belts that send suitcases to and from the aircraft and these systems are installed by a team of specialists. Scanning equipment that all luggage must pass through is another aspect of white-glove logistics and a dedicated team would have the contract to maintain this very costly equipment.


12. Museums

Many museums are now using touch-screen technology to provide information on their exhibits, with large interactive screens that show text images and HD video, which really does enhance the visitor’s experience. Other venues using this technology include zoos, marine parks, archaeological sites, and even National Parks.

The way digital technology is racing ahead, it won’t be long before we really are living in a digital world and this means we rely even more on white-glove logistics. They work tirelessly in the background to ensure that technical equipment is in place and working as it should and with ongoing training, the technicians keep pace with new products.

This would make for an ideal career choice, providing you with a challenging and rewarding professional life, and the future sure looks good for the white glove logistics industry.