How to Open an Offshore Company in Liechtenstein In 2024


If you are a successful businessman interested in exploring the many potential benefits for your existing or future business that an offshore company can offer, you may not even look beyond Liechtenstein.

This small landlocked country, located between Austria and Switzerland, boasts a noticeably attractive financial landscape, strict privacy laws, and a highly efficient business environment that is definitely worth diving into and exploring in more detail.

With so many opportunities to offer, it’s no surprise that Liechtenstein has become the preferred destination for entrepreneurs looking to set up an offshore company.

In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about opening an offshore company in Liechtenstein and how you can take advantage of this strategic opportunity for your company, firm or enterprise.

Advantages of Opening an Offshore Company in Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein is known for its attractive financial environment with low taxes and strict privacy laws. The tax regime is very favorable, with a fixed corporate income tax rate of 12.5%, which makes it one of the lowest in Europe. This is a very important point, since your total profit will increase by a significant amount of funds that you previously gave simply to the state.

In addition, there are no inheritance or gift taxes, while capital gains are taxed at a low rate. Thanks to this information, practically every businessman and entrepreneur will be interested in this offer as soon as possible. By opening an offshore company in Liechtenstein, individuals and legal entities can enjoy these tax benefits and many others, including the potential for significant tax deferral.

Liechtenstein also offers strict asset protection and privacy laws, as well as strict bank secrecy provisions. As a result, opening an offshore company in Liechtenstein can serve as an attractive option for those who want to secure their wealth and protect their business assets from potential litigation or financial instability. The ideal place if you want to manage the finances of your own business calmly and without unnecessary attention from competitors.

Types of Offshore Companies in Liechtenstein

In Liechtenstein, investors can choose different types of commercial organizations, such as Aktiengesellschaft (AG) and Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH). AGs are joint-stock companies ideal for those with higher capital requirements, while GmbH is a limited liability company suitable for small and even medium-sized businesses.

In addition to this, there are also various types of foundations and trusts that can be established in Liechtenstein, offering a wide range of financial, tax and legal benefits. It is worth further studying the information to which of the types your company is most suitable for and what will be more profitable when opening for your business.

The creation of a family fund, for example, can serve as an effective tool for wealth management and succession planning, while a discretionary trust provides increased asset protection and confidentiality by providing your relatives and you with additional security and insurance for the future. Thus, depending on your needs and goals, there are several options that we have listed to choose from when creating your offshore company in Liechtenstein.

Registration of Your Offshore Company


The process of registering an offshore company in Liechtenstein is simple and efficient. Start by selecting the appropriate type of legal entity, after which you can proceed to the following steps:

  • Choose a unique company name and make sure that it complies with local regulations and has not yet been registered.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation, including the charter, corporate charter and constituent documents (for foundations).
  • Appoint the company’s board of directors and auditors (if applicable).
  • Register the company in the Liechtenstein Commercial Register, which usually takes several business days.
  • Obtain any necessary licenses or permits, depending on the nature of your business activity.

Banking and Financial Services in Liechtenstein

Once your offshore company is registered, you can open a corporate bank account in any of the reputable financial institutions in Liechtenstein. These banks offer a wide range of financial services and products, ranging from traditional banking services to sophisticated capital management and investment solutions.

Many banks also offer multi-currency account options, which makes them convenient for companies operating in different countries and dealing with different currencies. So to choose the banking institution you need, we also ask you to study in detail and check all the pros and cons of all the banks proposed by the state.

Again, it is important to conduct a thorough check when choosing a bank and understand the requirements, fees and services offered. Since banking secrecy is highly valued in Liechtenstein, you can be sure that your financial information is kept secret, providing additional protection and privacy of your assets.

Legal Requirements and Compliance

When opening an offshore company in Liechtenstein, it is extremely important to be aware of local regulatory requirements, tax legislation and reporting obligations.

Make sure that your company fulfills all legal and tax obligations – this may include annual financial statements, company audit (for AGs) and filing a tax return.

It is also worth consulting with a local lawyer or tax consultant to make sure that your business complies with local laws and regulations or read here.


In conclusion, opening an offshore company in Liechtenstein can offer significant benefits to business owners, such as tax benefits, asset protection, and confidentiality.

By understanding the types of available business structures, navigating the registration process and staying up to date with legal requirements and compliance, you will be able to gain a significant competitive advantage in the global market, which will very quickly take you to a new level of income and rating of the business that manages you.

Whether you are an individual seeking to secure assets or a businessman seeking to benefit from Liechtenstein’s business-friendly environment, now may be the right time to explore the possibility of setting up an offshore company in this small but financially powerful European country. Start learning a lot of information right now in order to realize the development of the company and the multiplication of potential earnings as soon as possible.