5 Things To Know About Personalized Skincare Services

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When hearing about personalized skincare one can’t help to remember those times when you used to get a small package of face cream, with your initials on it, you got it from your skin doctor. Well, the industry is way passed that period now, because this term signifies something way more sophisticated.

That means that technology finally took over this industry, as well. For many of you reading this article it may still sound confusing, and difficult to comprehend how technology can reshape this industry. That’s why we’re going to list out all the things you need to know about it, to finally give you some clarity.

1. It’s all about the uniqueness of every person’s skin

Personalized cosmetics respect the uniqueness and specificity of each individual skin. For example, based on precisely measured parameters, and respecting the wishes and needs of clients, a custom skin care manufacturer like rainshadowlabs.com can create a cream just for your skin.

2. The growing need for personalized cosmetic products is not a passing trend

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The desire to own and consume cosmetic products “specially made for me” is easy to understand because it fulfills individual wishes and needs while respecting the uniqueness and diversity of each individual skin.

3. Mass production could only go so far

Mass production on the global market was able to offer consumers a very simplified classification of skin types into a dry, oily, problem, and sensitive skin.

Such a general division of cosmetic products “off the shelf” understandably often led to disappointment, incorrect product selection, and consumer dissatisfaction with the expected results, despite claims of efficiency on the packaging of such products.

Today, the advancement of technology allows us to approach all relevant parameters of skin conditions thoroughly and precisely. In addition to the most common determination of water and sebum content, the amount of melanin pigment, skin PH value, degree of redness, flexibility, and elasticity… measured on all individual parts of the face are also determined.

4. Advantages are many

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The advantages of such services are numerous:

  • the unique formulation and freshly prepared products
  • the possibility of choosing active ingredients and the appropriate fragrance
  • regular monitoring with control of skin parameters
  • changes in the formulations according to the condition of the skin
  • adequate and active skin care.

5. These services save you time and money

It’s not just about how your skin looks or feels. New scientific research has shown that 60 percent of the most important factors affecting skin aging are determined by our genes, our unique DNA. About 1,500 genes participate in the skin aging process and they are responsible for maintaining moisture, texture, elasticity, antioxidant capacity, and skin sensitivity to external factors. A smaller percentage of factors, 40 percent, is related to our lifestyle, diet, environment, and lifestyle habits.

What does that tell us? In other words, in the same way, that genetics defines eye color or skin color, it also defines the natural aging process. Therefore, personalized genetic tests and creams, and lotions save time and money. Only a cream made according to your genetic type can really bypass the signs of aging and make the skin healthy, beautiful, and youthful.

How is a personalized skin product created?

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Most of the manufacturers who do personalized products have everything available online. So, compared to the times when you had to make an actual appointment, this comes to a lot easier, since everything is done in a matter of minutes.

The initial step is to start a questionnaire on their website. You’ll be asked to provide information such as what are your major skin concerns, your personal information, how often you experience these manifestations that concern you, etc. Based on your answers the website will automatically select ingredients that are good for treating your type of skin and combine them into a cream.

Stress, tobacco, alcohol, lack of activity, and sleep can age the skin prematurely, but if you learn to choose the right care products, determine your skin type and dedicate 15 minutes a day to care for it, your skin can look youthful for a long time. Also, the skin does not require the same care at 25 or 40 years of age, hence the importance of personalized care services.

But not everything is about what you apply to your skin…

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Even if you’re not one of those women whose daily beauty routine includes a long list of carefully selected products, there are sure to be at least a few skincare steps in your toiletry bag. Cosmetics lovers in the West are much more relaxed in their approach to beauty, unlike, for example, Korean women, whose skincare routine is among the most rigorous in the world. It is very difficult to resist new products for cleaning, moisturizing, tightening the skin, reducing pigmentation, erasing wrinkles, and many others, but did you know that we can only expect the full effect of these products if we apply them in the correct order?

Professionals in the field claim that applying products in the wrong order results in reduced effect, clogging of pores, and ultimately a waste of money. Why is order so important? Solely because of the possibility of penetrating the skin. Different facial care products have different purposes, so the size of the molecules in these products is also different.

All of them are intended to penetrate into different depths of the skin, in order to provide benefits to our skin in the desired place. Products with the most active ingredients, which are intended to penetrate deeply into the deeper layers of the skin, such as boosters and serums, have much smaller molecules that successfully pass through the pores on our skin.

Personalized cosmetics restore the importance of skin care culture as an essential prerequisite for preserving the health and beauty of the skin.

Personalization is the new definition of luxury, and personalized cosmetics are easily accessible to everyone today.