How Huawei and ZTE are Involved in 5G Technology – In 2024


Fight generation network is one of the latest technological perks we have. It was introduced in late 2018, and soon after, devices that supported this network started coming out. There are many benefits that come from the 5G technology, and even though it won’t fully replace the third and fourth generation, it is definitely a step in the right direction. It is said that with this network, you will be getting faster speeds, better connections, and bigger implementation in different industries and devices.

In this article, we are going to talk about two of the biggest brands that support and develop 5G devices, and that left their print in the fifth-generation network. Keep reading if you want to know how Huawei and ZTE are involved in 5G technology, and how their devices compare to the rest when it comes to one of the biggest industries in today’s market.


The beginnings

Even though we all know about 5G today, we didn’t know much about it a decade ago. Yes, it was something that seemed like it will appear on the horizon, just as now we believe that in the next decade we will get to the sixth, seventh, and maybe even eight-generation network.

Not many people know that Huawei was actually the pioneer in this technology and that they set the bases for what we know as 5G today.

Their whole research began long ago, in 2009, when we didn’t even have a stable plan for the fourth generation, and when this network was first introduced to the world. Currently, this company is investing more than 40 million dollars every year into research, and as we can see, hard work pays off.


They help not only the providers and science, but they also support universities and help students gain the needed knowledge in this sector. They are collaborating closely with different universities, not only in China but all around the world. They are investing their time, money, and knowledge to help shape the minds of the future generations that are supposed to provide bigger and better things for every one of us.

ZTE is another Chinese company that fully supports the 5G network, and their devices are said to be some of the best ones when it comes to this network. Their Axon 20 5G device is supposedly one of the best devices people could invest in if they want a strong broadcasting signal and a phone that is more than capable of providing the best services in today’s market.

On the same note, as you can see on websites like, the ZTE 5G provider produces the best results when it comes to broadcasting the network and providing the best signal strength on the current market.

History and current impact

The Huawei company was founded in 1987, and it is a Chinese company that makes networking products and telecom systems. This brand currently collaborates with more than 170 different countries, and the latest reports suggest that its market value is close to 30 billion dollars. Even though the brand itself disputes this information, it will not release the exact number when it comes to the original value.

The organization is said to receive funding from the Chinese government, and that it is as high as 70 billion dollars, but once again, this number is not confirmed by any of the officials. No matter what the funding is, it has definitely helped shape the technology we know and use today.

It is said that there is no equivalent when it comes to the technological advancement that Huawei made with the fifth-generation network and that currently, they are the leading force in this tech.


The devices that they produce are said to be unparalleled with it comes to 5G, and that they are the leading force and the best choice people have if they want to invest in something that will fully support this network and give out the best results.

The ZTE brand helped develop and improve the fifth-generation network, and they took the lead when it comes to high-frequency tests and made their impact in many different developments and scientific expeditions.

Both companies have participated in not only developing and influencing the network but also in the excessive testing, problem identification, and solution. They helped shape the digital era as we know it today, and it is expected for both ZTE and Huawei to leave their print on many other tech developments that are yet to come.


One of the things that we think of when we hear about these brands is that they have been banned from placing their devices on different markets all over the world. The Chinese companies were blacklisted by the United States first under some allegations that their devices were used for espionage. However, there are many claims that prove this ban happened because of the trade war that is going on between two of the largest world forces, and that it was easier to ban a brand than to pay millions of dollars for the products.


Nevertheless, since ZTE and Huawei are some of the leading forces on the market, and they provide some of the best devices when it comes to 5G support, countries that have blacklisted these platforms have to rely on not as strong devices who don’t have the needed advancement to fully support the network.

It is said that the countries that have blacklisted both brands are facing serious disadvantages against the places that fully support the use of both Huawei and ZTE.

As you can see, both of these brands are responsible for shaping the fifth-generation network, and they are still not done in leaving their print into the best technology the world has ever seen. How things are going to go is left to be seen, but one thing is for sure, even though they have had some issues with governments all around the world, their market value is still rising. This is the biggest factor that shows how strong and fearless these companies are, and how important their input is in the overall development of not only the physical devices we see but also the network and the platforms that we benefit from.