Why Human Hair Wigs are Better than Others – 2024 Guide

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Wigs! People use wigs on many occasions and for many reasons. Many wear a wig absolutely for fashion while others may wear it to hide alopecia. Whatever the reason, a wig of course helps you to shine your fashion and style.

Different occasions demand different types of wigs. For example, if you are going to a wild party you would like to wear a wig that has colors in it. Of course, if it does have a lot of colors it is not a natural hair wig. But wearing natural hair wig has many good reasons to chose in between the natural and artificial one.

Today, the difference and reasons why you should choose natural hair wig rather than the artificial one would be discussed. Moreover, some cons of human hair wigs will also be discussed. So, this write-up will give a clear idea of the pros and cons of human hair wigs.

Natural Look

Whatever wig you wear. Nothing can be compared with the natural hair wig. The reason is the artificial one will give an artificial look. Your mind will always tell that it is an artificial one, so you are being artificial from the core of your heart. But if you wear a human hair wig, you will feel that it’s a natural one that should suit more than other varieties.

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Easy to Install and Use

Sometimes we think it will be tough to install a natural hair wig, but that’s not true at all. A human hair wig is easy to install as the synthetic one. Moreover, it is very easy to use too. Even you can use it daily without any hesitation.

More long-lasting

Everyone knows our body is made of 70% water. But the hair is different. It does not contain that much water in it. So, even after years, it will not be rotten. Remember the mummies of Egypt. You can see the hair is there although almost all body parts are rotten, the hair is still there in good condition. The reason is natural hair is long-lasting and you can use a natural hair wig for a long time.

Not prone to discoloration

Artificial hairs are prone to discoloration. But the natural hair wig comes in natural color too. As it is a natural color, it will not be discolored like the artificial one. Peace of mind comes from this point of view that, the color of your wig would be like what you bought. It will not change much. Great. Isn’t it?

But if you do not take good care of a human hair wig, it may fade. A human hair wig should be taken care of as like as your own hair, nothing different.

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Environmental Causes

Everyone knows plastics cause a lot of problems to our mother earth. Even the whales in the sea are in danger of swallowing a lot of plastics. Artificial hair wigs are made of manmade substances like nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc. These substances are a great threat to the soil and water. As a result, if you use the artificial wig, actually you are promoting the use of these things. You are asking the manufacturers to produce a lot of it because it has demand. On the other hand, if you use natural hair wigs, you are promoting the use of natural things rather than using artificial things. So by using the natural hair wig, actually you are saving the earth from pollution.

Different Styles and Color

Every human is different and their hairs too. Natural hair comes in nature pushed colors, length, styles, and so on. So it can be of any type of your wish. This difference makes natural hair wigs more popular than ever. The styles could be blonde, curly, straight, brown, black, mixed color, or any other type you want.


You can use a human hair wig for daily purposes. There are many varieties of color length etc. So you will be able to find it that suits your current hairstyle too. Moreover, you can wash it, shampoo it, dye it. You can use a dryer to make it dry. But if you use synthetic or artificial wigs, most of the time you can make it dry using the hairdryer. This is because, under the high temperature of the hairdryer, synthetic wigs will lose their strengths and will completely be something different you would not want.

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Cons of Natural Hair Wig

The main cons of natural hair wig are:

  • You need to take care of it as it is your own hair. As it is made of natural fiber, you should wash it, shampoo it regularly like the hair you have. If you take proper care of human hair wig you will be able to use it for around five years.
  • The price is high as it is collected from humans not made by using machines.
    Moreover, sometimes it could be difficult to find an appropriate one that suits your specific type of hair as every human is different. But if you check some good, wig specialized shops like unice, it is more likely that you will find the most suitable one that matches your hair.
  • The reason for suggesting unice is that they are specialized in different types of wigs and they have been trusted by many like you.
  • Human hair wig is not environment resistant. This means it may react with the environment as like your own hair. For example, during winter human hair becomes dry and pale. Based on the environmental situation, if the relative humidity is very low, sometimes human hair wig can look dry or pale.

Nowadays style is a necessity. As a human being, sometimes hiding the bad parts of the head or sometimes to style or to add a vibe to your occasion you may need to wear different types of hair wigs. The best one in a general sense would be the natural hair wig, without any further clarification. So, promote positivity using a natural one and avoiding harmful artificial things. All the best on your natural journey!!