Lighting In Modern Homes ─ What’s In


For an interior designer, following the lighting trends is a must. It is also their hidden card up their sleeve that can change the entire look of a room. One standard bulb in the room will light up the space, but once you layer the lights, it creates a different kind of atmosphere.

Pendant lights, floor lamps, and ceiling lights are just a few options in the world of the lighting market. However, when it comes to creating a grand scheme of things, here are some trends you can follow to light up your modern home.

It is now time to light up your path and explore the possibilities of interior light design.

The Latest Trends in Modern Home Lighting


Go Big With Sculptural Lighting

Gone are the days of boring table lamps that are used only for providing light. These days cordless lamps are very much in demand thanks to the absence of power wires and unique designs.

These cordless lamps come in various modern designs that provide illumination and can also be considered pieces of art for a contemporary home. These battery-operated lamps come in bold designs and sculptural shapes that can be used as an art deco piece even when switched off.

Use pairs of these cordless lamps to accentuate bedside, shelves, corner tables, or framed pictures.

Portable Cordless LED Lamps


Sustainability, affordability, functionality, and contemporary design have become consumers’ top priorities in the wake of rapid climate change and ecological disbalance. Cordless lamps running on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have become an ideal solution for addressing these issues.

The battery-operated lamps by Neoz which is an Australian-owned company, are visually appealing and feature modern and sleek designs that are perfect for contemporary homes. Portable cordless lamps have been designed for interior as well as outdoor use. So, you can use it as a bedside, desk, garden table, or patio lamp. The LED lights come with dimmers with different white and warm hues. Portable cordless lights are functional and can be used for various purposes as and when required.

Matching Pendant Lights to the Wall Colour of Your Room


The major function of any pendant light is to create a focal point in the room. However, interior designers are bending some rules by matching the pendant lights to your room’s wall colours.

The matching colour will give the overall space a monochrome look that is contemporary and modern. These trends work perfectly with rooms having natural wooden or timber finishes. The perfect blend of the wall colour and the pendant lights will help create a functional and calming ambience.

Floor Lamps Made of Metal and Marble


Marble and metallic floor lights are charismatic, elegant, slender, and perfect for illuminating modern homes. The floor lamp stands out due to the unique mix of marble and metal. The finishes are poles apart, making these floor lamps peculiar yet beautiful.

Why do interior designers love these floor lamps? Well, why not; marble is beautiful and durable. When paired with metal, it gives an elegant look to the home.

Opt for Artful Ceiling Lights


The perfect balance between light and shadows is the key to good interior lighting. When it comes to planning the layers of light in a room, you need to consider the shadows to create an ambience and give the room some dimension and character.

There are many new ways to light up the dimly lit corners of your modern home. In comes to rescue, artful ceiling lights that can change a brightly lit room into a cozy space perfect for relaxing and doing nothing but nap. Ceiling lights provide a focal point in the room, with the corners and the surrounding areas submerged in soft light.

Contemporary Chandeliers


Chandeliers are often associated with glitzy, over-the-top, crystal-laden pendant droplets hanging from brass and curved iron arms. While this is in no way wrong, there are more options for chandeliers than glittery mass.

If your style is more minimalistic and modern, then these century-old designs would not fancy you. So, let go of these traditional designs and bring in the modern, chic designs that serve glamour at their finest.

Traditional chandeliers are the crown jewel of any room but not the main light source. Modern chandeliers overcome this problem and combine aesthetics and functionality.

Layer Lighting in Home Office


The home office was not common in residential spaces. However, when the world was forced to operate online during the COVID pandemic, we were forced to set up a home office.

While the COVID scare might have gone down a bit, the home office setup remains. Now that you have more time install proper lighting in your home office. One new trend here to stay is layered lighting for workspaces.

Interior designers use various kinds of lights and cordless lamps to create the right working environment for the right time of the day or night. During the day, you can use bright LED table lamps and switch them with SAD lights for dull days.

When evening sets in, turn off the lamps and turn towards diffused lighting achieved through shaded lights and frosted bulbs that provide a warm cosy glow.

Wall Light Fixtures to Highlight Valuable Personal Effects


High-value personal items like wall art, framed paintings, or expensive wall hangings must be treated carefully and illuminated using the right light. If these items are the standout features of the room, then it is all the more important to choose the right type of light for highlighting the details.

Small wall fixtures with minimalistic designs are frequently used by interior designers to achieve this effect.

Final Takeaway

Lighting is an essential part of the interior design scheme. The kind of light you use and the positions where you place them can make or break the mood and look of the room. These are some of the most popular lighting trends for modern homes. However, you can use your imagination and give your own spin to these decor ideas to create the perfect contemporary home.