Garage Lighting With LED Light Fixtures

Garages are essentially working spaces and an adequate lighting setup is just as essential as the use of the garage. It amplifies the ways in which you can make use of the space with comfort and efficiency. Usually, garage spaces are left unsupervised and are generally of use for parking, storing furniture, tools, or other stuff.

How is a lighting layout essential?

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First and foremost the layout must serve long term. It requires a substantial amount of effort to plan a layout from scratch and it is quite subjective as it depends on the owner how they might wanna design a layout comfortable for them which also enhances the efficiency of the tasks carried out in that space.

A few of the benefits of having a proper layout prior to installation are:

  1. It helps in determining the total lumens requirement for the garage
  2. Helps determine the kind of fixture required for the garage
  3. Help determine the placement of the fixture i.e mounting height and distance between each fixture
  4. Help evade the possibility of overcrowded or disruptive lighting pattern
  5. Improves the overall ambiance
  6. Helps with security
  7. Glare-free lighting overall and effective lighting at designated spots

Types of fixtures available for garages

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Most home garages are secluded from the rest of the house, in most cases, they do not have a natural source of lighting. For effective security of the environment, there are several fixtures that help with setting up the lighting layout both inside and outside the garage.

If your garage is a designated workshop, naturally the lighting requirement differs from that of a parking garage. After setting up the appropriate lighting layout the next step is choosing the best lighting fixture for your garage. For further reference on the process check this link.

Many light manufacturers have introduced light fixtures which have a range of applications across different spaces and they are just as good for garage spaces. Although different variations of lamps are available over a span of time they have proven to be quite inefficient and unsustainable. Moreover, they cost a lot in the long term with recurring maintenance and replacement issues. LED lamps however have been quite progressive and sustainable and have redefined lighting technology in all spaces. A few of these fixtures are:

1. LED shop lights

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The name is suggestive of the nature of this lighting fixture. It is subjective though these lights are of popular demand in garages due to their design. They are efficient, reliable, durable, and quite cost-effective. These shop lights are available in a range of lumen outputs, sizes, and designs. As garages are mostly task-oriented spaces they produce an ample amount of light for focusing on the detail of work like crafts or any DIY task. They are adjustable and come with two mounting options.

2. LED wraparound lights

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LED wraparound lights are another category of shop lights that are highly effective in garages. These wraparound lights have integrated LEDs, and the lens covers the fixture.

The light fixture supports a flush mount and is perfect for spaces with both low and high ceilings. Another major benefit of this fixture is its ability to spread light across a wide-angle and in multiple directions. This fixture is safety rated against all the environmental factors which might harm the functionality of the fixture such as dampness, heat, and dirt.

3. LED strip lights

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LED strip lights are another very cost-effective and feasible investment in this sector. These lights are multi-purpose and having an adhesive layer they are practically installable in any corner of the garage. In most cases, these lights are used over the work desk, under or over storage cabinets around the corners of the ceilings, etc. they are available in different CRIs for any kind of ambiance.

4. LED-Wall packs or sconces

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These are superficially outdoor light fixtures and most decorative sconces are used indoors.

For ambiance, wall packs are effective to install on garage walls as they provide a substantial amount of light while layering up the general and accent lighting pattern. But they are quite subjective in terms of their usage. As much as the indoor lighting layout is important, it is highly beneficial to have light fixtures around and outside the garage.

These wall packs have integrated photocells that light up in dark and turn off around dawn which saves up a lot of energy. LED-wall packs are available in different cutoff designs which allows directional lighting.

5. LED high bay lights

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LED high bay lights are largely indicated for use in high ceiling areas. There are two major designs: round and linear high bays. Round high bays are commonly known as UFO high bay lights and they are super efficient for use in garages with ceiling heights above 20 feet.

Most of them are workshops or for DIY projects. LED high bay lights to have the most effective lighting supply of all fixtures as they are powerful luminaires available in a range of lumen outputs. The design profile is highly resistant against all factors existent within a workshop/ garage environment and it is pairable with reflectors for uniform lighting at all levels.

Overall, there are several advantages of LED lighting for garages as they are quite advanced and let the consumer have their way with it. LED light fixtures comply with any lighting layout and their substantial features make them a good investment in the long run.

LED light fixtures are dimmable, have a range of correlated color temperatures for ambiance as well as are integrable with motion sensors, so if the space is idle there won’t be any extra usage of light. These fixtures are recyclable, contain no toxic chemicals, and are very energy efficient as they consume little energy and produce more lumens while casting directional light which is not wasted in the surroundings before hitting the point of illumination. The light is free of any harmful rays and glare-free which is healthy and boosts productivity.