7 Benefits of A Massage that Can Help You Treat Physical Pain

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Massage helps increase flexibility by reducing tension in the muscles. Muscles that are too tight can restrict the range of motion of the joints. By reducing muscle tension, joints can move more freely, resulting in a greater range of motion and flexibility. Many massage therapists use stretching techniques designed to increase flexibility. So talk to your therapist about the purpose of your massage. If you let him or her know that increased flexibility is an objective, they can better help you achieve this goal.

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1. Treat migraine

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A migraine is caused by abnormal brain activity or a chemical imbalance in the brain. A diagnosis for migraines must be made by a doctor. What happens in the brain during a migraine is similar to a heart attack. During an acute attack of migraine, a massage is not recommended, as any movement or touch can be unbearable. An acute migraine is serious on the pain scale.

How can massage help? For example, you can visit your massage therapist when you feel that you are starting to get a migraine. Although it is not always easy to get a last-minute appointment, we always try to do everything possible to help you further. Calling for an appointment is therefore certainly recommended, even if the online agenda seems full at first sight. For people who suffer from chronic migraines, regular massage can reduce the frequency and severity of the pain. A massage affects your hormone and endorphin levels, which can ensure more normal chemistry in your brain. For very severe chronic migraines, we recommend seeking a massage therapist who specializes in headaches or migraines.

2. Exercises for weakened muscles

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Massage is ideal for weakened or shriveled muscles. Extreme situations in which we encounter this is in people who are bedridden or who are limited in their mobility due to an injury. By stimulating the muscles and mobilizing the joints, weakened muscles can be strengthened again. Bedridden and injuries are two extreme situations, but in fact, most people have weakened muscles. Muscles that are too tense or loose can weaken. This happens, for example, with an unbalanced attitude. Tackling these imbalances through massage and by adjusting your daily activities and your posture will strengthen weakened muscles.

3. Better blood circulation

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Massage can help lower your blood pressure and improve your circulation, as well as relieve many of the symptoms associated with it. Many massage techniques help to pump your blood back to the heart as much as possible and to remove waste products through the lymphatic vessels. Helping the blood to move back to the heart from the limbs can lower pressure in the blood vessels. When improving blood circulation, it is especially helpful to pay attention to the arms and legs. Be sure to report high blood pressure to your therapist so that this can be taken into account.

4. Relief of PMS symptoms

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Massage also helps relieve PMS symptoms (premenstrual syndrome) such as cramps, fatigue, and fluid retention. It helps you to relax, which in turn helps with mood swings, depression, and even anxiety attacks. It can also help relieve the pain from headaches that can accompany PMS.

5. Reduction of digestive complaints

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Massage is also ideal for reducing digestive complaints. Gas, constipation, and bloating to name a few. Abdominal massage is great for treating many digestive complaints, but it is a contraindication to some conditions. So don’t forget to tell your massage therapist if you have a condition that requires caution.

6. Scar tissue treatment

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Massage is very beneficial for scar tissue, especially when performed by a therapist who is knowledgeable in the matter. Massage helps reduce existing scar tissue and the associated discomfort. However, massage to prevent scar tissue formation is the most ideal. When the skin is opened, your body will try to repair it as quickly as possible by producing new skin cells. However, the formation of these new cells often happens haphazardly, especially with deep cuts, which leave a scar. Scar tissue therapy allows the new skin cells to be guided in a more beautiful pattern, improving the appearance and discomfort of a scar. After an operation or for stitches, one can apply a number of light techniques.

7. Cold – A boost to the immune system


Massage helps improve your general immunity in several ways. It helps by increasing the circulation of lymph fluid and stimulating digestion, both of which in turn help clear toxic waste from your system. Massage also helps to reduce anxiety and stress and to improve your mood in general. When you feel good emotionally, your body is also less prone to illness.

If you already have a virus such as a cold or flu, massage can help get it out of your system faster. However, never go for a massage while you are contagious or have a fever. Massage therapists make a living by touching people. So other clients can get your virus from the massage therapist or from the use of the massage table or the room. When you are no longer contagious, getting a massage can boost your immune system and blood circulation and help you feel better faster. When you are recovering from a virus, you may feel worse after a massage. This is normal and most likely you will feel worse for a day or two afterward.


Massage is a great way to increase your physical health and general well-being. People who regularly take a massage get sick less often, experience less stress and generally feel better about themselves. Make sure that you report to your massage therapist again with each massage which conditions you have and which your complaints are. The better your therapist knows what’s going on in your body, the better he or she can help you feel better.

These are just a few of the benefits of massage for your body!

In the coming weeks, you can expect a sequel to this series about the benefits of a massage. Further topics that will certainly be covered are the benefits of massage for the mind and the benefits of massage during pregnancy.