How To Safely Purchase CBD Online With Easy Steps


Cannabis, marijuana, ganja, call it how one intends. Referred to as the wonder plant, cannabis has grown exponentially on the grounds of use and popularity since the hippie movement in the US. Marijuana has traveled a long way from the past to the present.

Governments have banned it, kings have reveled in it, there have been many revolutions for this drug, and now a massive global push to decriminalize the drug in numerous countries. The cause for usage of this drug is varied across various people.

Most of them use marijuana for recreational purposes, stating that it relieves them from mental and physical exhaustion; others use it for medical purposes such as treating diseases of glaucoma and other conditions. Some others use it for spiritual goals as well.

This has been widely showcased by the Aghori people of India, who believe their primary deity Shiva was an avid smoker of cannabis leaves and hence model themselves in his image to feel a sense of closeness and spirituality with him. If you want to know more about natural oils in the current market, visit to learn more.

The stigma around cannabis is diminishing at the moment. The number of people consuming CBD products is skyrocketing, but as a result, people seem to blindly purchase CBD products online without really knowing what they’re looking for. Here are the five essential things one needs to know about buying CBD online safely.

5 Basic Things Before Purchasing CBD Online Safely


1. Targeting the right CBD Oil Vendors

The first step of buying CBD oil is the same as purchasing any other suitable product and finding a reputable brand that can provide you with a good standard of CBD oil. The popularity of CBD is currently rising, and tons of companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

There are thousands of companies selling CBD oil products today. Some with a solid reputation, and some others that are fly-by-night operations with zero accountability. Of course, they’ll all tell you that they have the best product out there, so it’s essential for you to distinguish between actual companies and frauds.

2. The differences between Hemp seed oil and CBD oil

Many people often mistake hemp seed oil and CBD oil for the same product. For your information, they’re not. They are two different entities often confused due to their similar nature. People buy hemp oil thinking they’re getting CBD oil, but there’s no CBD in hemp seed oil. It isn’t apparent since these two terms are often linked interchangeably.

Hemp seed oil is the equivalent of coconut or olive oil. At the same time, CBD oil is derived from the aerial stem or stalk of the hemp plant. Unfortunately, it is not easy to know whether a product contains CBD because they don’t often mention it on the bottle or package.

This is because mentioning CBD anywhere on the label or website increases a company’s risk association with FDA regulation and credit card processing agreements.

3. Companies with lab reports


Before purchasing CBD oil, the third thing to remember is to buy it from entities that have tertiary party lab reports readily available for customers. All reputable brands make them easily available on the website upon request.

These tertiary laboratory summaries will tell you important things, such as the purity of the CBD that you buy, the cannabinoid and turpentine profile, and also whether or not the product contains harmful toxins. Tertiary independent labs exist to ensure that the product is everything it claims to be.

4. Spectrums and Isolates

There are various distinctions between the CBD products that you get. There are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. Depending on your preference and suitability, choose a particular variant of CBD.

An isolate is pure CBD with zero THC. Each one of these products has its products. Trying out different CBD oil products will help you find the one that will best suit your needs.

5. CBD oil scam

The final thing to know is that you shouldn’t fall for the free CBD bottle scam. This is because anything offered to you for free isn’t probably as good a deal as it sounds. What seems like a small shipping charge for a free product allows companies to lock you into months of payments that you didn’t even know you signed up for. So watch out for the hidden terms and conditions because that’s where they scam you.

Finalizing a purchase of CBD products


Everything stated above were the five foundational guidelines to assist you through the process of buying CBD. One tricky part is while purchasing CBD products in a territory that is deemed illegal. But depending on the territory or region, you can purchase your desired product. Various countries that criminalize weed, permit the purchase of CBD products as long as they have low THC levels. Once you’ve done your research, make sure to –

  • Identify a trusted vendor of CBD
  • Choose the CBD product following your government rules
  • Communicating with the vendors for details promising you quality and safety,
  • Paying through a secure banking channel
  • Getting a transaction invoice for later reference in case any legal problem pops up.



These easy and straightforward steps can help you buy all the CBD products you want. Understanding the ins and outs of anything that you’re likely to purchase is highly important, but it cannot be evident if it’s your first time doing so.

Using reputable resources like natural strains whose site compiles a list of the best CBD brands, honest CBD user reviews, and tips on finding the proper dosage can help you navigate through the process and make sure you don’t end up buying an inferior product.

A highly asked question by customers on the internet is whether CBD oil is available on amazon. The answer is no, even though CBD is widely not prohibited from being used.

But due to the farm bill of 2018 in the US, CBD derived from the hemp plant was declined to be sold under the controlled substances act. This is the same reason even amazon does not sell CBD products. Hence we hope we’ve cleared your doubts on this entire issue and have a happy and safe shopping!