10 Rarest & Most Expensive CS:GO Knives And How To Get Them

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It’s not a secret that the most popular first-person shooter is Counter-Strike, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that players all around the world spend hundreds of or even thousands of dollars on in-game skins.

When it comes to CS:GO, no skin is as prestigious as a knife skin.

Knife skins are the ultimate status symbol in this game. Getting a knife kill is considered the supreme testament of one’s skill in this game, and if you manage to down an enemy with a crimson blade, well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

So, on that note, let’s take a look at some of the rarest and the most expensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knives.

1. M9 Bayonet Crimson Web – Factory Ne

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Sitting at over $3500 on the market, the Crimson Web M9 Bayonet is the crème de la crème of the CS:GO knife skins.

Unlike many other GO skins, M9 Crimson isn’t valuable because of its unique pattern or distribution of colors – it’s just rare and astonishingly good-looking.

Everyone in the community agrees that it doesn’t get much better than this black-red combo.

Is it worth more than an average car? Not to an average person. But to a CS:GO player – it certainly is.

2. M9 Bayonet Doppler – Factory New (Sapphire)

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Here we have another M9 Bayonet, only this time – it’s not red – it’s Sapphire blue.

It’s kind of clear that CS:GO players love their M9s, so if you want to get one of them to sell you theirs – you’re going to have to cough up at least $2500.

As you know, the Sapphire pattern is incredibly rare in the game, so it’s only natural that this one’s quite expensive.

3. Karambit Doppler – Factory New (Ruby)

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At this point, it becomes quite obvious that CS players love red. The Karambit Doppler Ruby is a sapphire pattern, glossy, blood-red knife with a deep grey handle.

Its glistening nature makes roaming around with it feel so good, and every kill you get with it feels like you’ve won the whole round.

How much you’ll have to pay for this pleasure? Well, we’d say $1500 or more, depending on the market.

4. M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler – Factory New (Emerald)

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Yeah, we get it; M9s are the most popular.

Unlike Sapphire or Ruby, the Emerald variant of Gamma Doppler is newer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as rare. In fact, this green gem of a knife is even more expensive than its Sapphire counterpart, so if you want to get this one, you’ll have to part ways with about 2800 green ones.

Green for green baby – it’s how it works for these rare gems.

5. Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

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Karambit Case Hardened is more in line with the other CS:GO skins.

Its price is mostly affected by the array of colors it includes. The blade of the knife holds patterns of yellow, gold, purple, and blue, and if you get the Blue Gem – the one with overwhelmingly blue patterns on the play side – you can expect to pay even upwards of $10,000.

But, low-end Blue Gems can be obtained for about $700, so you might just get your hands on one without having to take a mortgage on your home.

6. Butterfly Knife Gamma Doppler – Factory New (Anodized Multicolored)

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Slinging the Butterfly knife around will make you feel like a grade-A assassin, and the Gamma Doppler Anodized Multicolored will make you feel like a cool grade-A assassin.

Available at around $1300 over at CSGOSkins, this rare gem is a go-to choice of pros like FalleN or kennyS, and if you want to be like them – you might just have to buy this one.

7. Butterfly Knife Marble Fade – Factory New

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Here we have another Butterfly knife, and if you haven’t seen this one in the game – we don’t blame you.

The Marble Fade butterfly is one of the rarest skins in the game, but even though it is as rare as some of the most expensive skins in the game, this one can be obtained for only $600 – if you’re lucky.

Its dark blade with orange, yellow, and blue highlights will certainly make you stand out on the battlefield, so what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself today.

8. M9 Bayonet Ultraviolet – Factory New

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Unlike our previous three M9s, this one does not come with a colorful blade – but a handle.

Ultraviolet M9 may not have a shiny blade that glistens in the sun, but its violet handle is sure to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.

After all, a player wielding a 1500-dollar knife has to be skillful enough to put it to good use, doesn’t he?

9. Karambit Crimson Web – Factory New

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Here we have another Crimson Web knife, only this time it’s not an M9 – it’s a Karambit.

With its curved blade and ultra-smooth drawing animation, it shouldn’t surprise you that these knives easily sell for as much as $2000.

And, on top of that, just looking at this blood-red, cracked blade will make you want to open up your wallet and treat yourself to a new toy.

10. M9 Bayonet Lore – Factory New

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If there was ever a knife skin in CS:GO Rambo would use – it’s this one.

Lore was one of the most popular patterns from the second it dropped, and why wouldn’t it be? Who wouldn’t want to kill enemies with a golden, shimmering blade and a forest-green handle?

Wielding this M9 is not just about status; it’s about feeling like a well-paid mercenary that strikes fear into everyone whom it crosses paths with.

How much would you have to pay for one of these puppies? Well, from what we know – at least $1000.


So, which one of these rare knives would you like to yield the most?

If it were up to us, we’d probably go for the Blue Gem Karambit. It just has that CS:GO look and feel that we like.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed our list, and if you feel like we’ve missed some of the rare gems – let us know. We don’t mind finding out!