How to Play 30 Ball Bingo


30 ball bingo or speed bingo is a new form of bingo that stands out for being faster and more dynamic. It maintains the same principles of the bingo game with 75, 80, and 90 balls. It won’t be hard for you to familiarize yourself with the game process, but 30’s bingo has new advantages for fast-paced game lovers.

In the speed bingo drum, only 30 balls spin and the cards are 3×3 boxes with 9 numbers to get. So the games are shorter and you can play more in less time. Learn how to play online bingo with 30 balls and win prizes! In online 30-number bingo games, the balls are raffled thanks to a Random Number Generator (RNG). You have the possibility to acquire as many cards as you want, but always before the first ball is chosen and the draw begins.

The numbers will be sung one after the other and will be automatically crossed out of your cards, in this way you can observe how you are approaching the winning combination comfortably from any device and anywhere.

If you are a regular player in bingo, you should already know what it takes to participate in it: one or more cards and a spinning drum or RNG in which the balls are drawn. As for the peculiarities of this game, it should be remembered that the different types of bingo usually differ by the number of boxes listed on the cards, the patterns to be completed or the number of balls to be drawn.

The main characteristic of the variety in question is the small number of balls that are raffled. Having only 30 balls, as the name of the game indicates, the number of cells in the 3×3 cards is reduced and, most importantly, the speed in which the game is carried out is significantly increased and it is enough to collect 9 numbers to win.

The 30-ball bingo cards do not contain blank boxes and are structured as follows: in the first column, there are 3 numbers from 1 to 10, in the second 3 numbers from 11 to 20 and in the third 3 numbers from 21 to 30. The sooner bingo is sung, the sooner the prize will be distributed and another game will start, so speed bingo takes place in a matter of minutes and players have a better chance of winning, as they participate in many more games.

Why Is 30 Ball Bingo Popular?

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There’s no denying that the Internet has irrevocably altered our perceptions of gaming. While traditional gaming is still a thriving sector, the rise of internet casinos has allowed us to reach a new audience that values variety and convenience.

There is no other bingo variant that can please those of us who prefer playing rapid and exciting games from the comfort of our couches more than 30-ball bingo. Several casinos provide a variety of 30-ball bingo-themed games, many of which have entertaining themes, crisp visuals, and interesting small twists and features.

This type of bingo is popular because of its exhilarating quick pace and the chance for players to win numerous times in a short period of time. The brief duration of a game has shown to be quite appealing to folks who were previously turned off by traditional bingo sessions that lasted many hours.

This means that this form of gaming provided a wonderful opportunity for people to check in fast during the day, whether they were waiting in line or doing chores. 30-Ball Bingo can serve as a fast pick-me-up during the day, but it can also serve as a serious gaming session for a player who plays multiple games in a short period of time.

When more rewards are granted in a shorter period of time, everyone’s chances of winning increase. Why stare out the train window when you can play a fast game and get a free coffee? Finally, this sort of bingo is incredibly simple to get into; there are few regulations, and it can help you get started with a bingo if you’ve always wanted to try but have been frightened.

How to Win at 30 Ball Bingo


In addition, usually in this game the possible patterns to be completed on the card are reduced to only one: a full house simply bingo, which consists of filling all the boxes of a strip. It is also possible that some casinos will deal prizes for 1 or 2 strikethrough lines. One of the main advantages of 30 bingo is its simplicity, which attracts expert players and allows beginner players to quickly internalize the rules of bingo.

All this is the result of the intense development that bingo games have experienced in recent years, adapting to the needs of an audience that is always connected and that prefers not to have to wait to receive prizes.

It is also true that 30 ball bingo is a very recent novelty and for this reason it is not yet known to everyone, nor is it present in all casinos. So you have a chance to take such an advantage and become the best at speed before others discover it! You can do so at such online casinos as live casinos or Tombola. For more help check

30 ball bingo, also called classic bingo, is another of the many varieties of the popular bingo game. It is characterized by offering extra balls in addition to the 30 numbers drawn, thus increasing the chances of winning prizes. Fans of bingo games are sure to know this version of bingo is played with up to 4 cards of 15 numbered boxes (5×3). You can also win the jackpot.

Learn how to play 60 ball bingo online and be the first to complete all the cards! Many developers include 30-number bingo in their collection, such as MGA with Bingo Cocktails, a version inspired by a nice cocktail bar with up to 13 extra balls and 4 minigames, or Buffalo, a bingo brought from the west also with extra balls and 3 minigames. You have a wide range of themes to choose between Sweet Home, Last Bingo in Paris, Carnival, The Gold of Poseidon, Lucky Hero, Classic Cars, Las Vegas, Magic 30 and many more. Each of them will take you to a different place where you can be the first to take all the prizes.

How Much Can You Make In A 30 Ball Bingo Game?


The amount you can win is mostly determined by various characteristics on your preferred site. Some games include a progressive jackpot, while others have a fixed sum for each winning pattern.

In general, the quantities you can withdraw will be determined by these criteria.

  • Players – The winnings of a game are determined by the number of players. With more players, more tickets are sold, resulting in a larger prize pool.
  • Tickets – The greater the prize pool, the more tickets you can buy in a specific game. Players can buy up to 96 tickets per game of 30-ball bingo. It’s easy to accumulate.
  • Price – The higher the price of the ticket, the higher the payoff. It should be quite self-explanatory.


The most important thing to remember about 30-ball bingo is that it is really quick and straightforward. It’s the ideal ‘on the go’ bingo game for individuals who don’t have time to play traditional bingo.

In most cases, you will only have one chance to win on any particular game; however, because of the game’s speed, you can play more games each minute than you could with 90-ball bingo.

The fact that the game is played at such a fast pace adds to the overall thrill, and it’s a great game to play in between other bingo games or if you want to talk with friends while you’re online.