3 Reasons Why Intelligence Is Trainable

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How many times have we all heard the saying that common sense is actually not common and wondered about how all that couldn’t be more true. But why is that, why common sense is so uncommon? Well, it’s because it is closely connected to intelligence, and since we are all unique and different, there is no reason why our intelligence wouldn’t be. There are perhaps way too many IQ tests available to everyone, and like in most cases, quantity doesn’t always make it better, quality-wise. That is why finding the right IQ test, especially online, is a troublesome thing to do, but, luckily, there are some trustworthy and verified tests created by experts that those with enough patience and time can easily find online. But for those who have neither time nor patience, check iq-global-test.com and let us know what your score is. Who knows, maybe you are the next member of Mensa.

Intelligence, like most things in our life, is also trainable, and although some may now disagree with this statement, there are actually studies conducted on this matter that show how one person can expand their intelligence by training. Of course, some specific exercises in order to do so are a must, but the main thing is that it is more than possible, and for those still uncertain how that is possible, let’s check some facts and reasons why intelligence is trainable.

1. Capacity for learning

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The fact that people are learning their whole life, and that one of the definitions of intelligence is that it is the ability of the person to handle new situations, is telling us that it is possible to train it. To better explain it, in the new situations, our brain is searching for the connection with the similar ones that we already know and know how to react in them. What this means is that the more experience we have, the much easier our brain will find the connection and the solution for that specific new situation/problem, and our intelligence will advance and get higher if we test it.

Many types of research show that people who lived in a good and healthy environment and had a good education have higher scores on the IQ test. On the other side, many think that it is only possible in early life to train the intelligence, but it is not true since other researches show that people with good work and family environment are also having high scores on the IQ tests, even if they are not having the perfect conditions in the childhood.

Remember that movie with Matt Damon where, even though he didn’t have proper education due to circumstances, he found a way to expand his knowledge? That and the sentence “You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a freaking education you could get for a dollar fifty in late charges at the Public Library” says it all. It is perhaps the best example of how intelligence can be trainable and how, by taking certain actions, we can further develop it throughout our life.

2. Positive thoughts

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We all heard the phrase that we can do everything if we believe in it enough, and when we are talking about intelligence, that is true. Having a growth mindset is much better than the fixed one because it allows us to believe in the fact that our intelligence is trainable. In these types of situations, we are applying more effort and try harder to learn new things and to train our brain, so in the end, the scores on the IQ tests show the improvement.

Speaking about the mindset, we can see how labels can change someone’s worldview, so those who are marked as too smart, if there is such a thing, will always put less effort into finishing some things than those who are marked as not that smart. On the other hand, those who believe that they can succeed will put all the effort they can into that, and because of that, it will be well-showed in the results.

3. Our brain is smarter than any computer

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Human brains are something that is not sufficiently researched, and it is well-known that we are not even using their full capacity. It means that by practicing, we can increase their strength, and there are many possibilities for that, so the more brain capacity we use, the higher results we will get. For example, if we start doing something in a complicated way than we are used to, our brain will likely make new synaptic connections and improve memory. Besides that, trying new things can increase dopamine secretion and make more neural connections in our brain. Reading and playing mind games is helping our brain to remain sharp and to think fast, and learning a new language is the best thing if we want to boost our IQ results because some studies show that it can increase them by up to 7 points, which is a pretty high number. Just like how in many sports reflex is of utmost importance, but can be trained and mastered, so can intelligence.

For most things in life and about ourselves, we can always improve and get better. In the end, sleeping is something that many of us underestimate, even though every study made about it clearly states that sleeping is a crucial part of every human being as it is a time when not only our body recovers but our brain as well. Have you ever wondered why for patients suffering severe trauma, doctors always recommend medically induced coma? It’s because they want to give the brain as much time it needs to focus solely on recovering and nothing else. There are plenty of examples in almost every field, which is why psychology is so fun. All this may be the main reason why our intelligence is trainable, as, during sleep, our brain is creating new neurons, which are crucial for its normal functioning.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that intelligence is trainable, and that is giving hope to many people around the world, especially for those whose loving ones are diagnosed with some condition for which is characteristical lower IQ. That means that with some exercises, they can boost the IQ of the people with that conditions and help them have a much better quality of life. On the other side, that is great news for people with overall IQ scores who want to boost it and become above average, and also for those who want to keep their brains in good form. It is always a good idea to work on yourself, and improving the intelligence may be the best decision you will make.