Why You Should Rather Rent A Car At Schiphol Airport

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The Schiphol airport is located in the west of Amsterdam, and it has about 35 million passengers per year. Schiphol has two runways and one terminal. The reason that most people go to Schiphol is for business or vacation purposes. It’s an international airport where most flights fly to destinations outside of the Netherlands, making it very convenient for international travelers. This airport can be said to be the main connection of Europe with other continents, and especially with America. This airport is visited by a large number of people throughout the year, people from all over the world transit here, and also during the year there are a large number of flights to the whole world. That is why it is considered an airport that connects the Netherlands, Europe, but also the whole world with the rest of the world.

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Schiphol Airport is situated only 13 miles away from Amsterdam’s city center. This means that you can rent a car at Schiphol airport and drive into town in less than half an hour, so you don’t have to spend money on expensive public transportation. It’s the best solution that many people would suggest in order to get from Amsterdam to the airport quickly and easily to catch your flight on time.

The airport has a lot of different transportation means to get you around, but a very popular one is the rental cars. Car rental Schiphol offers a selection of car rental companies. Our personal favorite is BBLCarRental, a car rental company that offers you great service, great vehicles, and all at affordable prices that will be more cost-effective than anything else which will be suggested to you as a solution to the situation and to be transported quickly.

Here are some reasons why you should rather rent a car at Schiphol airport, rather than in Amsterdam or any of the other cities, and all you have to do is look at them and think carefully before deciding how to travel to the airport near Amsterdam..

1. Better value for money

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The price for a one-day rental car starts at around € 40,00 and goes up from there. This is cheaper than renting a car in Amsterdam’s city center because Schiphol offers more competitive prices due to its convenient location. The amount you are asking for a car for one day to this destination is much more cost effective. Why? Because, for example, to get to the same destination by taxi you would pay much more because here you pay for the vehicle you are driving, the gasoline that will be consumed at the destination, then the service you receive from the driver, etc. This includes more costs and that is why the price itself is higher.

2. Save time

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Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also a lot easier to get a rental car at Schiphol. First of all, it is good to note that the process of picking up and renting a vehicle is easy and simple and does not take more than 5 or 10 minutes. It is also good to take it from here because for the amount that is paid you get faster service because there are more counters that work with renting vehicles than in the city center. You can directly pick up the car at Schiphol airport instead of making your way to the center of Amsterdam with public transportation, which could take you about an hour or so, and above all, you will spend your time which you can use better than you would use going to the center of Amsterdam, but you can also make additional expenses that do not go in your favor at all…

3. More convenient

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Car rental at airports used to be a bit more complicated, but today it is no more. Why? It simply takes the vehicle faster, but you also get it with insurance and of course with another advantage that is great for anyone who decides to rent. What is that advantage? This is the advantage of leaving the vehicle at one of the many locations without the need to return it to the airport. Another great thing about renting a car at Schiphol is that you might have to return it to the location you rented it when you rent a car in the city center. However, at Schiphol, this isn’t an issue because there are many different locations where you can drop your rental car off when renting from Schiphol. These locations are usually some of the large parking lots or garages, further also such points for returning cars are the hotels, but also some of the big restaurants. It all depends on which company you rent from and of course which company where there is a point for leaving the vehicle rented by Schirpol. You can simply take your rental car back to Schiphol and drop it off there, which is a lot easier.

You can drive wherever you want, at night or on weekends. The public transport system often closes around midnight, so renting a car is the only option left if you are not back in Amsterdam before then. So do it on time.

So, if you are looking into car rental Netherlands as your final destination or just making a stop-over for a few days, renting a car at Schiphol might be the best option for you.

4. Alternative ways of transport

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But if you can’t or don’t want to drive, The Netherlands public transport system is sound. If you want to take public transportation to reach your accommodations in Amsterdam, you can easily purchase tickets out of the vending machines at the train station. It is also good to note that the network and connectivity are great, but also that going from point A to point B is fast.

In the end, all that remains is to conclude that this airport offers a great opportunity in terms of car rental. It is better to decide to rent a vehicle that you can pick up from the airport and leave at one of the points, it will not cost you much money and will save time. Great option isn’t it? Now you know that this option is great and that it is available to you on your next arrival in Amsterdam.