Most Romantic Things to Do in Tuscany – A must-have List for Honeymooners and Couples


There is no denying it. Tuscany is one of the most romantic regions in the world. How could it not be? It welcomes visitors with dreamy landscapes of rolling hills, verdant valleys, rivers, cypress forests, nature reserves of unparalleled beauty, and vineyards that produce the most delicious wines. And, let’s not talk about the Renaissance masterpieces showcased in world-class museums, medieval towns, and the traditional architecture that promises a hypnotic time trip.

With romance swirling in the air with every step you take, it comes as no surprise that you might find yourself puzzled as to which destinations and experiences you should prioritize when visiting Tuscany. Here are some suggestions to help live idyllic moments with your significant other!

1. Piazzale Michelangelo – The ultimate spot for romance


You will find couples from across the globe rushing to the enchanting terrace built on the hills south of the city overlooking gracious Florence to propose, have their wedding photoshoot, enjoy amorous evening walks just before sunset, or declare their love. Besides spellbinding views, Piazzale Michelangelo is also home to an impressive copy of Michelangelo’s David at a prestigious position in the center of the Florence square.

2. Have a thermal bath at Bagno Vignoni or Saturnia

Can you think of anything more fire-sparking than sharing a romantic bath with your partner at an outside natural spa in the heart of the bewildering Tuscany countryside? Budget-friendly and incredibly bond-sharing, the natural hot springs of the Bagno Vignoni spa resort (just outside Siena – about a 60-minute drive) and Maremma’s Saturnia are ideal options for you. Let go and allow yourself to dive into ultimately pampering adventures.

3. Walk the streets of picturesque Pienza


A city that epitomizes Renaissance architecture with a unique appeal and a privileged location in charming Val d’Orcia valley. You will find it sitting south of Siena, offering utterly gratifying experiences whichever way you choose to reach this magical location. As you will surely notice yourself, everything in, around, and about Pienza speaks of love and romance. Just a quick look at the names of the streets gets you into an amorous mood (i.e., dell’Amore, Della Fortuna, etc.). As for the surrounding scenery, it is absolutely captivating. No wonder Zeffirelli chose Pienza for his umber-romantic Romeo & Juliet version!

4. Exploring the countryside from a different angle

Tuscany is home to scenic vistas that can leave you breathless. Imagine how captivating these views can be if you look at them from a hot air balloon several hundred meters above the ground! This is, literally, taking romance to a higher level!

Many agencies organize such flights that allow you to lay eyes on the thrilling countryside with the lush vineyards from up in the sky. Depending on the tour you book, you may be even pampered with things like breakfast accompanied with a glass of refreshing Prosecco.

5. Lovers’ lucky charm – The Tree of Love


The city of Lucignano is the ultimate destination in Tuscany among those in love. The small medieval town between Siena and Arezzo is home to the Tree of Love, a Gothic jewelry masterpiece that is believed to bring good luck to lovers. Popular among locals and tourists alike, it is a meeting place for couples wishing to swear eternal love to one another!

6. Watch an opera performance under the star-lit sky!

For this one, do consider heading to Torre del Lago in the Versilia area, especially if you are visiting Tuscany between July and August. Chances are you will be lucky enough to watch the prestigious festival hosted in the atmospheric open-air theatre dedicated entirely to Puccini’s music. Expect stagings including Madama Butterfly, Tosca, and La Boheme under the starry sky while overlooking Lake Massaciuccoli. Absolutely soul-filling!

You can now close the day and unwind with a chilled glass of champagne or local wine at your private villa in Tuscany with views of the cascading hills and the grass-covered land embracing the picture-perfect Tuscany. Hope you enjoy your Tuscany getaway! Visit here for more info.

Bonus: Adventurous Things to Do in Tuscany


Okay, after highlighting the most romantic things you can do in Tuscany, we would like to move a step forward. Some couples do not only want to enjoy romantic spots and events; they would also want to add some adventure to their holiday. Because of that, we will highlight the adventurous things to do as well before we end this article. Let’s find them out together.

High-Speed Sailing

It is good to mention that Tuscany is the place where many water sports lovers come every single year. Friends, couples, and families often visit at least one water sports center during their holiday. If high-speed sailing seems like a good option for you, then we recommend you check out the coastal areas of Vesilia and Livorno. These two locations are those where the main events are organized.

We do not want to say this is going to be extremely adventurous. However, you can be sure a lot of fun is waiting for you. Imagine how romantic and entertaining can be to enjoy the surface of the sea at a bit higher speed.



Well, paragliding is probably going to be the number one choice for those couples that are looking for a pure adventure. Of course, the best possible place to do that is the top of Monte San Giuliano. You and your partner can fly over green mountains and beautiful landscapes that are going to be below you. We can say this is some sort of mixture made of romance and adventure.

Keep in mind that San Giuliano is not the only good place for paragliding in Tuscany. You can also do it at Castelluccio, Deiecimo, and Mount Subasio.

Scuba Diving

Are you and your partner underwater enthusiasts? Then scuba diving in Tuscany is going to be one of the best options you can get. Our recommendation is to go to Elba island and explore the amazing coral reef there. Despite that, you will also manage to see sunken ships that are there for years.

Elga Island, on the other hand, is not popular only because of scuba diving. Most people come to this place because of the big number of caverns and caves. You can explore them as well and continue your adventure after you finish with this underwater activity. Additionally, you can go to Giglio Island, Argentario, and Livorno, and enjoy scuba diving there as well.

Water Biking


Last but not least option you have is water biking. You can explore the entire Tuscany cycling on the River Arno. Many couples want to avoid the crowds on the street. Because of that, it seems much better for them to cycle on the river and enjoy all the beauties this part of the world offers. Besides, this type of exploring is healthy and relaxing, so there is no reason not to try it out.

There are two places where you can enjoy water biking – San Niccolo Beach and Pescaia Santa Rosa. Both options are good, and it would be good if you have enough time to try them out both.