12 Fun Things To Do And Places To Go On Your 18th Birthday

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First of all, let us start by wishing you a happy birthday. You only turn 18 once, and we sure hope you celebrate it the right way.

On that note, if you’re in a pickle and you don’t know what you want to do on your 18th birthday, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Today, we’re going to give you a lot of tips on what you can do and where you can go for your 18th birthday. Prepare yourselves – your birthday party is going to be legendary!

1. January Birthday – Go On A Skiing Trip

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Instead of just throwing a house party or going to a restaurant, how about you and your friends go on a skiing trip? You don’t have to go all-out and take everybody to Aspen, but a weekend at a skiing retreat sounds awesome.

You’ll have way more fun skiing, sledging and having snowball fights than you would if you were to stay home and just drink and play spin the bottle. You can save that one for next year.

2. February Birthday – Rent A Cabin In The Woods

Chances are, there’s still snow in February, so you can still make the most of it. If there is one thing that is lovely to do when it’s snowing outside, it is curling up in front of a fireplace and just relaxing. Now, since that’s kind of a boring idea for a birthday party, why don’t you just eliminate that part, but still rent a cabin in the woods, so you and your friends can celebrate and do all kinds of fun things but inside and outside of the cabin.

3. March Birthday – Go On A Hiking Trip

Gather a few of your friends and go on a hiking trip if you’re celebrating your birthday in March. Nature is starting to come alive, so chances are, you’re going to have a wonderful time hiking a trail, talking and having fun. It won’t be too hot or too cold, and once you’re done with a hiking trip, you can all sit down, relax and party a little bit. Have a few drinks (non-alcoholic ones if you’re in the US) and celebrate.!

4. April Birthday – Do A Scavenger Hunt

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It’s April, and the weather is nice, so why not make the most of it? Organize a scavenger hunt that you and your friends can enjoy. If you do it well enough, there is a good chance that you’ll spend all day figuring out clues and having fun, which is all that you should want to do on your birthday. Even if you’re still aching for a party, the final step of the scavenger hunt could just be finding the location of where the party will happen. Sounds good, right?

5. May Birthday – Go On A Camping Trip

Before it starts getting too hot and bothersome going outside – you should go on a camping trip. Not only will you spend a day a nature with your best friends, but you’ll be free to do pretty much anything you want. You could eat, drink, sing by the campfire, make out on a blanket and do all kinds of other fun things. Just make sure you clean everything up once you’re done! You’re 18 now. You have to be responsible!

6. June Birthday – Visit An Escape Room

Since it’s already way too hot to spend a day outside, we’ve asked our buddies at Limitednews.com.au to help us find an indoor activity for a birthday party, and sure enough, they didn’t disappoint. Going to an escape room is a really cool idea. If you have a lot of friends, you can even make it a competition and see who manages to escape in the least amount of time and the winner could also get a present?

7. July Birthday – Go To The Beach

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It’s hot, the sun is shining, and the school is out – it’s beach party time! Gather your friends, grab your best swimsuit and head straight to the beach. We don’t even have to tell you just how many fun things you can do at the beach, right?

8. August Birthday – Have A Pool Party

There’s no party like a pool party – are we right or are we right? If you don’t have a pool, rent out a house that has one and throw a birthday party you deserve. You can swim, do cannonballs, barbecue, drink cocktails and do all kinds of fun stuff at a pool party. Just don’t go diving into it off of the roof. It might look fun in a movie, but that’s not something you’d want to do in real life!

9. September Birthday – Go Visit A Foreign Country

Early September is a perfect month to go visit a foreign country. The weather is still nice enough, and most of the tourists are already done with their visits, so you’ll get to enjoy a new country and soak up their culture in peace and quiet. If you haven’t been – we’d suggest going to Rome in September. You will most certainly treasure that memory forever.

10. October Birthday – Have A Costume Party

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Halloween is just around the corner anyway, so why not just have a costume party for your 18th birthday? If you want, you can even set a theme so that everyone has to bring their A-game and not just dress up as a nurse or a Joker. You have a lot of options here, don’t be afraid to explore them.

11. November Birthday – Have A Casino Party

You’re finally allowed to go to a casino, so why don’t you do it? Sure, some of your underage friends might not be able to join you, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Just make sure you stay responsible. You’re a grown person now, so act like it! But still, have fun!

12. December Party – Do Whatever You Want

Hey, it’s the end of the year, and New Year’s Eve is closing in – you can do whatever you like. Throw a slumber party, rent out a bar, build a pillow fortress in your own home and have a pyjama party – everything’s a fair game at this point. Hell, if you want, just invite a few of your closest friends over a have a movie marathon and eat pizza. Just do whatever you want!


Now, these aren’t the only things you can do on your 18th birthday. You can do whatever you want to do, and if some of these things sound fun – you can do them as well. Happy birthday!