These 5 Are The Very Best Fridge Brands To Consider


Refrigerators are one of the essential kitchen appliances. Not only can they keep food fresh, but they’re also an opportunity for expression and display of art or messages.

The LG LRFV3006S French Door Fridge boasts ample space and clever storage features, including an innovative panel that becomes a window when tapped, so cartons can be reached quickly without opening the entire appliance. Furthermore, it’s fingerprint resistant and smudge-proof! But, there are several other options, with the following brands being highly considered by Cinch Home Services.

1. GE


GE refrigerators are an excellent way to save on energy costs, with its large capacity and lower electricity usage than competing models. Furthermore, its attractive slate finish matches well with any decor while its built-in ice maker delivers more ice than most refrigerators do.

GE offers an array of refrigerators for every budget. Their French door and top freezer refrigerators can be controlled remotely with your smartphone, while smart fridges connect directly to your Wi-Fi network for control through smartphone applications and can even work with Amazon Alexa!

Experts agree that GE refrigerators are the most dependable. Their repair technicians have more experience than those from competing brands and more parts are in stock. LG, Samsung and Blomberg refrigerators, however, often present problems and are more expensive to service than those manufactured by GE.

Many GE refrigerators feature smart refrigerators that can track your food and water consumption, send notifications when cleaning is required or when air filters become dirty, as well as features like TurboCool/Freeze to rapidly cool the fridge after heavy usage or when opening doors frequently.

GE Refrigeration is one of America’s top refrigerator brands and operates several factories around the country to produce its fridges. Their best models for their prices include the GDE21ESKSS and GDE15GMHES models, respectively. Both side-by-side models boast 25.3 cubic feet capacity – perfect for families of four or five. It comes equipped with an inbuilt ice maker, simple cleaning features, Sabbath mode to keep food fresh on Shabbat as well as built-in Sabbath mode keeping food fresh during Shabbat!

2. LG


LG refrigerators feature smart features to help keep you organized and save energy, such as their InstaView Door-in-Door feature that lets you view what’s inside without opening the door – simply knock twice on its 29-inch touch display to turn it transparent and quickly browse food and beverages! Some models even come equipped with LG Smart ThinQ technology for remote monitoring from smartphone apps.

Your app allows you to easily create shopping lists, monitor food consumption and manage other functions of your fridge. In fact, certain LG models can even receive Demand Response signals from utility companies and switch into deferred appliance mode during peak electricity costs for reduced energy use.

Your LG fridge can now also help you monitor energy use and set daily goals with just the touch of your phone! Some models even tell you when power runs low or filter replacement needs to take place – all great ways to ensure it operates optimally!

LG refrigerators offer an array of designs to meet the unique needs of each household. Choose between side-by-side or French door fridges, slim and deep models. Most include LG’s Smart ThinQ feature which connects your refrigerator to your Wi-Fi network and allows remote control, Fast Cooling technology to maintain safe temperatures in meats and fish and the Craft Ice tool that creates perfect spheres of ice for specialty drinks.

3. Samsung


Samsung refrigerators are designed to suit every kitchen, offering stylish yet practical solutions for any need. Boasting features like the 21-inch touchscreen display that enables remote control and door-in-door for easier food access, these sleek appliances are built for convenience and will fit seamlessly into your life.

Smart fridges can make an excellent addition to any home’s connectivity ecosystem, offering easy connection and control from one convenient place. Connect them with Matter devices easily, or act as hubs for the Samsung SmartThings app; one advanced model even features its own version of this application on its oversized Family Hub display for convenient smart home management.

Samsung refrigerators are more energy efficient than their Whirlpool counterparts due to Samsung’s Digital Inverter technology for controlling compressor speed and power usage. Furthermore, these refrigerators have also earned the ENERGY STAR certification, meeting EPA energy efficiency standards.

Samsung refrigerators are more spacious than those from Whirlpool. You have ample room for groceries and other items, with adjustable temperature settings in their drawer for wine and cheese storage. Samsung fridges are an ideal way to ensure fresher foods over longer, thanks to features like large water and ice dispensers with multiple drink containers as well as an 8.8-pound daily production from their internal ice maker and adjustable slide-in or flip-up shelves that help maximize interior space based on your unique requirements for bulkier items or tall bottles.

4. Smeg


Smeg fridges are an ideal way to add a retro flair or nostalgia into the kitchen, with their 50s design embodying glamour and rounded forms from days gone by, coming in an array of colors to match any kitchen aesthetic or space – dorm rooms, man caves or home offices can even benefit from having one! Available neutral shades such as black, white, and silver as well as bolder options like red lime green pink pastel blue as well as some flag patterns including the Italian flag, Union Jack, and US Flag are all perfect ways of giving any space an artistic touch and retro flair!

Smeg’s modern side-by-side fridges feature sleek designs with maximum capacities of 622L. Energy-efficient and featuring no-frost air circulation systems that cut defrosting times down significantly and keep food fresher longer, they also come equipped with fingerprint-proof glass doors to minimize the appearance of dirty hands on its exterior surface.

Technology with style ─ that is their motto and they certainly deliver. Utilizing only non-polluting and recyclable materials in their appliance production techniques – similar to high-end European brands – the company emphasizes eco-sustainability with an environmental management policy based on UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.

Smeg is well known for producing high-quality appliances; however, many users are dissatisfied with their performance. While their appliances may look beautiful, many users find them unreliable or cumbersome to operate – for instance, some customers have complained of long boiling times and low-quality kettles from Smeg; chipped parts, leakage issues, and loud fridges have also been experienced with Smeg models being more costly than similar models from competing brands.

5. Maytag


Maytag refrigerators are trusted brands among many homeowners when searching for their perfect new fridge, featuring various styles and features designed to meet individual homeowner needs. From large French door models to simple top freezer options, Maytag has something suitable for all.

Established in Iowa in 1893, Maytag is well-known for their washers and dryers but also produces kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, ranges, microwaves, and dishwashers. Through economic downturns, world wars, and acquisitions they remain one of the premier appliance brands in America today.

Maytag refrigerators are known for their exceptional durability. Equipped with powerful compressors and electronic temperature controls to maintain ideal conditions in your fridge, Maytag appliances also remain quiet and energy efficient so as to not waste money on electricity bills.

Maytag refrigerators are designed for ease of cleaning, featuring fingerprint-resistant stainless steel that makes wiping away fingerprints simple and keeps your appliance looking brand new. There are even sleek black stainless steel finishes to match other kitchen appliances.

Maytag stands out from their competition with high-quality products through its strong community involvement, earning them the “Dependable Leader” award for contributions made across America. This honor recognizes individuals who demonstrate dedication and perseverance; past winners have included firefighters who risk their lives to save others, Olympic athletes who competed for their country, and volunteers serving their local community.