What Smartwatches to Consider for your Youngsters

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Everyone likes gifts, especially kids. There are several moments when they expect to get a present such as birthday and Christmas. However, parents get a little confused when that moment comes. Presents were different when they were young as their children. Generations simply change just like their expectations.

You already know that we live in a world of modern technology. Kids learn how to use smartphones when they are still very young. However, smartphones are not the only thing that they would want to get. Smartwatches are equally important to them as high-quality mobile devices.

However, if the parent is not too familiar with smartwatches, he would not know which model to buy. That’s the reason why we are here. We will provide you with the list of affordable and quality smartwatches that your child will simply love.


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If you want to make your child happy, but you are not able to afford something expensive, this model is perfect for you. It is one of the cheapest on the market that contains some great features.

First of all, it has three useful characteristics – LBS, Wi-Fi, and GPS. These three systems allow parents to actively receive notifications about location changes. Still, it is important to say that location accuracy only works with a SIM card. More precisely, it is necessary to get GSM network SIM-card

The design of this watch is suitable for boys and girls as well. You can find it in two different colors – pink and blue. The screen is large enough to use it without any problems. Except that, the front camera is below the screen.

Finally, this item is waterproof to IP67. This piece of data probably doesn’t mean anything to you, so we will explain it. It means that your watch can stay underwater up to 1 meter for half an hour. You already know that kids can sometimes be irresponsible.

Finally, your kid can send texts, voice messages and make calls.

VTech Kidizoom DX2


VTech Electronics is a well-known company among smartwatch users. Because of that, it is impossible not to mention at least one of their products.

The square case of this model comes with an elegant metal edging. It has two mechanical control buttons. Clicking one of those two buttons will allow users to control the camera. It also has an elastic silicone bracelet that is convenient for the kid’s wrist. Just like the previous one, it comes in two different colors – blue and pink.

We suggest parents buy this as a gift to kids that are between 4 and 9 years old. The reason for that is simple – it has some advanced features. For example, this model comes with 2 cameras. One is located on top while the second one is located on the front. Additionally, DX2 has advanced software that allows kids to use different filters and make their photos more attractive.

Besides that, it has some interesting features such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, and timer. All these things can be useful for kids.


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Who would say that smartwatches can improve the health of your child? More precisely, it can inspire him to live in a lot of healthier life.

The design of Garmin’s models is specific. This company cooperates with Marvel, Disney, and Lucas Films. Because of that, their products have signature themes such as Captain America, Minnie Mouse, BB-8 droid and other characters that all kids love.

Logically, the screen displays the time by default. If you press the button below, the date will appear. Each next time that you click, something new will display. For example, the activity time, completed tasks, coins that your child earned, etc.

Besides everything, it is good to mention that this smartwatch is connected with an app. Parents will be able to see in every moment how many steps their child has made during the day. Besides that, they can also check the sleep duration. If you see that your child became physically inactive, you can set up daily tasks that he needs to achieve. This will make the entire process a lot easier for the kid. There are also some standard tasks such as brushing teeth, doing homework, etc.

When you compare the features with other smartwatches, you will see that this model is good as others. Still, not many models have the option to motivate your kid to be more active. Don’t forget how important this is.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

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Before we start reviewing this model, it is important to say it is not for everyone. More precisely, it will be a better gift for older kids and teenagers.

This model is small and neat and your child can place it in his pocket without any problems. Besides that, the entire product is made of plastic. This confirms that the youngest generations are not the right users for this model.

However, it doesn’t mean that this product is not secured. The display is covered with a protective Corning Gorilla Glass 3. More precisely, this is a glass that comes with an oleophobic coating and a 2.5D effect. This feature will ensure that your kids easily slide the screen on their watch.

Finally, it is important to say that parents won’t be able to track their kids via this smartwatch. That type of option simply doesn’t exist and it is one of the main reasons why teens would love to get this watch. As they say, they need privacy.

Still, teenagers can connect to their smartphone and receive a notification when they receive mail, messages from Instagram or Facebook, etc. Still, answering to calls via smartwatch is also not possible. The only thing you can do is to see who is calling you.


All these watches are great and they will make your kids happy. Obviously, you would want to know where to get these items. Well, there are many online stores out there, and you can check here and see which models they offer.

Which one from our list seems like a good choice? We would like to hear you.