Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Beginners – 2024 Guide


Having at least one phone today is simply a must, as we need them for most things we do in everyday life. Now, since that’s the case, combined with the overall importance and role that social media platforms have, when we search for a new phone, in more cases than not, a feature we mostly check and upon which we usually make our final decision is the quality of the camera.

Yes, all modern phones have at least one, but not every phone has the best quality ones. Besides that, people started taking much more pictures in the past decade or so, mostly due to various trends like taking a photo of our meal, regardless of whether it is a desert or just a hot dog we took on our way home.

Why opt for a DSLR camera?


Even though the camera on your phone is sufficient for most things, if someone wants to take their photoshoot to another level, especially those considering a career as a professional photographer, well, then cameras on your phone simply won’t cut it. Namely, what’s needed here is not just to take quick shots of the birds flying, for example, as it is also about the variety of options that professional cameras have. All of this means that if taking HD photos is what you seek, then having a real digital camera is a must, or to be more precise, a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR).

But, even here, making the right choice on from which one you should start with can be challenging as going with some high tech ones even though they will grant much better quality, also cost more and probably have many features that you are not aware of or even not know how to use them, in the proper way, at least. The most common dispute is over two types, Canon or Nikon, and to provide better insight and make your decision easier on which one to pick, let’s check some facts.

The price


Let’s face it, most of our decision-making is dependent on how high the prices are, and the same is here, as the first aspect many beginners will look for when they want to buy their first camera is the price, and many of them are not willing to spend a little fortune on it. The reason for that is simple, as the first camera is there more as a tool to learn how to take amazing pictures, so buying the most expensive one is unnecessary.

When we compare Nikon and Canon products, we will see that the first manufacturer offers much better ones for beginners for a much more reasonable price. Of course, buying the newest model is a more expensive option, and it is much better to go with some of the previous ones at first. So, to make it easier, check all the functions you might want or need before making any decision, as doing so will reduce the time spent on research.

The quality

It is difficult to say which of these manufacturers offers more quality cameras because both of them are among the first choices even for professionals. That only proves that both of them make high-quality products, and each beginner in this field will be more than satisfied to own one of them. No matter which of them you choose, it is almost impossible to be disappointed, as each of these cameras is made of the best materials which grant that it will resist various conditions and you will be able to use them for a long time.

The battery


We all know how important the battery is, no matter if we speak about our laptops, phones, or cameras, and none of us likes it when it cannot last long enough to finish what we started. When it comes to cameras, longer battery life means more amazing photos taken without changing it or recharging. It is pretty important when you decide to visit some unique place in nature where you do not have an option to recharge the battery and continue photographing. Once again, Nikon wins this battle as most of its cameras have almost twice better batteries than Canon ones. It is necessary to mention that it depends on the model, and the conclusion we made is based on comparing the similar models of these two manufacturers.

Filming videos

In most cases, beginners will use their cameras to take photos, but it is always great to have the option of filming short videos, and most of these cameras have it. There is a slight difference between the quality of video taken with Canon and Nikon cameras, and the one taken with Canon is recognized as better. The reason for that is the great autofocus system which provides stability and a much better transition between frames, which, in combination with various lenses, can easily make their cameras perfect even for longer videos.



Even though both cameras have similar functions, keep in mind that they use different names for them, which can be a little confusing for beginners. It doesn’t matter which one you decide to go with as reading the manual can easily solve this problem, and you will learn how to use the camera properly. Of course, when outdoors, not many take manual with them but learning some basics first will easily solve this problem.

The Verdict

Hopefully, you will find everything mentioned above quite helpful, leaving only one question unanswered, and that’s how and where to find a reliable digital camera store. Now, the main thing to look for when searching for a digital camera store is to check their reputation, and if you have someone to you give advice on where they bought theirs, well, even better. But, in case you are starting from scratch and in order to avoid spending hours browsing the net, one of the best options is to go to, a renowned digital camera store with a vast offer of camera equipment and with tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe.