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Fashion is an industry that has great influence and billions in turnover in the international market. Milan, Paris, New York, Miami — studying in one of the fashion capitals of the world will lay a solid foundation for career development at the international level.

In addition, one needs to think about his or her preferences and select the study program based on them. You can learn design, management, or merchandising in detail, which will shape your future career and the name and rating of the institution you will graduate from.

The first step towards your career in fashion


Studying at a fashion school will prepare you well for a challenging career in the industry. The world of fashion is a fast pace of work, constant changes, competitions, and tracking international trends. To become the best in the area, a fashion industry specialist must be ready for anything. Studying at a fashion school Miami introduces students to the real inner world of the industry.

Studying at (, you learn from well-known fashion industry experts. Istituto Marangoni Miami regularly arranges lectures and practical classes with famous designers, stylists, and managers of top companies. In addition, the main motivation for students is the opportunity to do an internship in a dream company or participate in an interesting project under the guidance of a famous designer.

Studying at a fashion design school provides real experience and knowledge that meets current market trends:

  • 80-90% of the study time, students are engaged in projects that help develop skills that are important for their profession.
  • Thanks to this approach to learning, students form their portfolios, which is mandatory for representatives of this area of activity.
  • Students acquire important skills that they need to communicate with people from different parts of the world.

In addition, they can improve their foreign language skills, without which one cannot build an international career. In parallel, students learn foreign languages, which can be practiced in everyday life. This increases the chances of getting a lucrative job offer upon graduation.

Types of programs


Marangoni Miami school provides a great variety of short courses and graduate programs, including Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor degrees in different programs. There is also Master of Art Degrees, as well as special short Marangoni Miami courses throughout the academic year, which are organized both online and offline. Therefore, everyone will be able to find something suitable for his or her case and get the required knowledge.

Let us consider the programs that are the most popular among students and well-known among fashion professionals.

Fashion design

Do you want to create your clothing collection or try your hand at high fashion? Then, this program is for you. In this program, students learn everything about the creation of their own designs from scratch and about different clothing styles. They are introduced to the technical side of fashion and get acquainted with the latest trends, colors, and silhouettes.

Fashion Merchandising

This program is all about planning and increasing the number of sales by introducing the product to the right market at the right time, as well as organizing advertising campaigns and promotions. A qualified merchandiser can predict future trends and make profitable decisions based on this understanding. There are two types of merchandising teams in the fashion industry:

  • Visual merchandising team
  • Fashion merchandising team

The visual merchandising team is people responsible for designing the layout, floor plan, and window dressing of the store to increase sales.

The fashion merchandising team is people who produce fashion designs and distribute products to end consumers. Fashion merchandisers collaborate with designers to ensure that the finished product meets the needs and characteristics of the target audience.

Management in fashion

When studying this program, students delve into such areas as product and brand management, marketing, and its tools. Students of this program pay special attention to the skills of cooperation with other market players, such as designers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Fashion & Style

Students of this specialization study the profession of a stylist. This is a consultant who selects clothes and creates complete images for print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances of celebrities, models, or other public figures. Stylists often work not alone but with a fashion designer, photographer, filmmaker, hairdresser, and makeup artist to create a complete look or theme for a particular project.

Rules for admission to fashion schools


Admission requirements depend on the type of program that you would like to enter and your previous experience, for example:

  • If the program is taught in English, you need to pass TOEFL or IELTS. If the course is taught in another language, you may take a language proficiency test at the university or may be required to provide the results of a national exam.
  • Many universities and fashion schools ask students to provide portfolios and references.
  • Depending on which program you are applying for, you will need to provide certain education documents. For admission to the undergraduate program, you must complete the International Baccalaureate or Foundation program. In addition, for admission to the magistracy, there are two options: it is enough to provide a Bachelor’s degree with a legally certified translation, or you will have to complete the Pre-master’s program.

The type of program affects the cost of education. It is also worth considering when calculating the budget not only the cost of one year of study but also additional student fees, payment for accommodation, food, and transport.

Therefore, a fashion school opens great opportunities for those who would like to create new awesome collections and make the world more beautiful. Such schools as Istituto Marangoni Miami provide their students with an excellent atmosphere and always look for talented youth who would like to study fashion. Make your choice today and start your career with the first step — proper education and practical skills. Then, the future of fashion will be yours, and you will definitely find a place to make your dream come true.