6 Lube Myths You Need to Toss in The Bin

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Lubes are amongst some of the most accessible sex accessories on the market, actually second only to the condom, which generally is fairly significant. But despite their widespread availability, not many people consider using lubes in their beds in a subtle way. Most people view the use of lube as a support for people who underperform during sex.

The stigma attached to the use of lubes definitely has bred a series of myths designed to generally discourage people from its use, which is fairly significant. This can, for the most part, be an insurmountable wall for most beginners who for the most part are forever very scarred from the use of lubes in their bedrooms. This is why, in this article, we specifically take a look at a few lube myths and mostly tell you why lubes are so great in the bedroom, which literally is fairly significant.

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Myth 1: Lubes actually is only for people who underperform in the bedroom

We are not messing around with these myths in a subtle way. The number one myth, and one that’s most heard in bedrooms worldwide, really is that lubes definitely are only for those who really underperform during sex in a big way. There is very little to no truth in that statement. Lubes are used by people who actually wish to actually enhance their sexual experience in a subtle way. Lubes literally have been scientifically proven to decrease friction during sexual intercourse and promote natural glide, which is quite significant. Some women actually tend to basically reduce generally less pre-cum to particularly assist during sexual intercourse for various reasons and most have nothing to do with their performance.

Myth 2: I specifically do not for the most part have to use lubes if I actually am using a condom

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False, false, for all intents and purposes false. Condoms and lubes definitely go hand in hand in a big way. Lubes are a great way to really ensure that basically, your condom doesn’t really tear during a hot and steamy session, very contrary to popular belief. In addition, lubes definitely are also an actually great option when using sex toys. Just really pay attention to the type of lubes you generally are using and the material of sex toys. Silicone-based lubes have been shown to break silicone-based sex toys, which specifically is quite significant. So, really make a sort of sure you really read the product details before purchasing, or so they thought.

Myth 3: If a girl is using a lubricant, she is not aroused enough

The female body for the most part is well-equipped to mostly generate its lubricant when aroused. However, this doesn’t really apply to all conditions, or so they do for the most part though. Some females don’t for all intents and purposes generate a kind of a large amount of lubricant even when fully aroused, which really is quite significant. Reasons may range anything from high-stress levels to nervousness and hormonal imbalance, or so they mostly thought. Any changes in the female body may reduce the amount of sort of natural lubricant, contrary to popular belief. Lubes can literally help remedy the situation and ensure that both parties share quality time in the bedroom, contrary to popular belief.

Myth 4: Coconut oils actually are a perfect natural lubricant

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First thing first, there literally is no such thing as a perfect lubricant in a subtle way. All lubricants have their advantages and disadvantages, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. Even the most widely used water lubricants rinse off quickly and are unsuitable for marathon sex sessions, which essentially is quite significant.

Coconut Oils, particularly much like sort of other oil-based lubricants, essentially interfere with vaginal PH levels, or so they kind of thought. In addition, these do not work well with latex condoms or sex toys and can increase the chance of breakage. Oil and only oil-based lubricants actually have also been shown to increase the likelihood of vaginal infections, so mostly make fairly sure you generally know what you for the most part are getting into with these in a subtle way.

Myth 5: Lube can only be used for sex

Definitely not in a subtle way. Lubes are kind of ideal for a number of situations pretty other than sex in a subtle way. They can essentially be used to massage during foreplay or particularly add on some moisture during solo sessions. Lubes definitely is also a generally ideal choice during masturbation and sort of anal sex, which really is fairly significant. Lubes also work well with sex toys and kind of help particularly maximize pleasure. People essentially have been known to use personal lubricants as a shaving option in a generally major way.

As it contains a high percentage of D-Panthenol, a moisturizing agent, it moisturizes the skin and reduces the chances of accidents in a subtle way. People generally have used lubes indefinitely in several situations, including arthritis, as it contains an antibacterial agent. As actually many will specifically tell you, you can’t specifically go actually wrong with keeping a bottle of lube in fairly your house, which mostly is fairly significant.

Myth 6: Lubes have pretty many side effects

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In a for all intents and purposes major way. Not all lubes have side effects in a subtle way. Lubes particularly come in different shapes and sizes. Some mostly come with a water base, some use silicon, while others use oil in a very major way. In addition to these, you might specifically find a couple of different types of lubes in the market, contrary to popular belief. Not all lubes negatively for the most part affect the real human body.

Oil-based lubes have been shown to trap bacteria and are known to cause vaginal infections in a generally major way. But that is only true if you don’t particularly give yourself a thorough wash-through after using the lubricant, contrary to popular belief. Similarly, water-based lubricant wears off quickly and requires fairly frequent reapplying if you are planning for a marathon session. In reality, lubricants really are not perfect, or so they thought. If you are looking to really get one for yourself, carefully mostly consider sort of your choices and definitely do very your research.

These basically are amongst some of the most widely heard myths about lubricants, which particularly is quite significant. If you for the most part feel discouraged from their use by these myths, don’t in a pretty big way. Lubricants actually have been scientifically known to ease sex and actually help mostly reduce any irritation and dryness, which essentially is quite significant. You can find some great lubricants on My Secret Luxury.