7 Tips on How to Write a Movie Review

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Writing a movie review is a bit different. You first have to watch a film, discuss the plot, and observe the acting and direction before making an opinion. Film reviews should be well-balanced, portraying both negative and positive elements. Here are some tips for writing a movie review.

1. Observe Characters in the Film

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The first task when writing a movie review essay is to watch the film twice. Choose a peaceful time to watch the film. Keep a notepad with you to note down your observations. Watching a motion picture with friends and family is different from analyzing it for a moving picture review.

It is advised to watch a movie twice. In case you miss out on any information the first time, you can always grasp it the second time. To present facts regarding the film, note down important things and details in the film. Here is how you should make observations regarding the motion picture:

  • Keep the focus when watching the film;
  • Take notes along. Discuss the evolving story, development of characters, and the way film is directed;
  • Give a bold review. State your opinion discussing both the negative and positive elements;
  • Analyze complete details about the movie.

Sometimes students are given assignments to deliver, and they are running short on time. Professors assign motion picture reviews and book reviews to students to gauge their analytical abilities. If you have been given a moving picture review and don’t have much time to write, then hire an essay writing service like essayzoo.org, to do the job for you.

2. Critically Review the Movie

Smart students don’t shy away from stating their opinions about the movie. You should carefully analyze special effects, direction, production, and acting skills. Worried about how to write movie reviews? Here is a list of things you should note about the story:

  • Is the motion picture based on real-life events, novels, or fantasy?
  • What is the genre of the film?
  • Is it a captivating play?
  • What is the theme of the film?
  • Have the actors done justice to the roles?

Just like you describe the story, you should also discuss the acting skills, direction, and cinematography.

3. Give Information as Much as Possible

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If you have been given an assignment on how to write a film review, the first thing you must do is to gather as much information as possible about the movie. Have background knowledge about the characters in the film. Readers expect a lot from you, and you must present all facts regarding the movie. Apart from giving information about the name of the cast, tell the reader about the director’s latest work. Write down the lead actors’ names and their acting skills.

4. Jot Down Important Points

When writing a movie review, analyze all aspects of the film. Take into account if the moving picture breaks any stereotype and how engaging it is. Discuss the special effects used. If you are thinking of doing it on your own, then here are some key points you should consider:

  • Is the story handling any serious issues?
  • How is the dialogue delivery of actors?
  • Are there any songs in the flick?
  • Are there any films similar to the film under review?
  • What is the budget of the movie?
  • Was it a major hit at the box office?
  • Has it won any awards? What is the motion picture’s title?

5. Create an Outline

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Are you thinking of how to write a movie critique? You must develop an outline to organize facts and information. You must have noted down key points while watching a movie. Those points may be written in a non-structured way. Develop an outline and a rough draft. You can later elaborate on each point noted. Creating an outline is the first step to organizing your thoughts and ideas. It helps cover all important points you wish to mention in the analysis. There is no set format in a movie review.

Critics state important information first and later discuss the technical aspects of the movie. Even the costumes and the way actors carry the outfits can be discussed in a review. An outline is more organized and structured than the random thoughts you noted while watching the movie. These tips will help answer your question, “how to do a movie review?” Besides, the outline collects your thoughts and ideas and presents them in an organized way.

  • First, mention the title and release date of the flick;
  • Discuss the movie’s genre. Check out if there is any recent blockbuster;
  • Mention the characters and special effects in the film;
  • Look for deeper meanings;
  • Draw comparisons with any major flick and validate opinions in the flick by discussing characters in the flick;
  • In the end, discuss if it was a good or bad film without giving out everything.

6. Don’t Tell Everything

One of the basics of how to write a movie analysis is to avoid spoilers. Give an overview of the film. Don’t narrate the story fully. The word ‘review’ means it is an in-depth analysis, but it should not reveal the storyline. A balanced review comprises negative and positive aspects of the moving picture. A few telling details are enough to validate your viewpoint. You shouldn’t give only the film’s summary, as it would be too revealing. Instead, lead the reader to what the flick is all about.

Writing a review doesn’t mean that you should narrate the story with complete details. Discuss the technical aspects such as the direction and film’s production. Avoid spoilers. The best way to do a movie review is to make sure everything is not detailed, as it would not only make it boring, but it will lose the review’s essence.

7. Edit in the End

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Before submitting a movie analysis, you should proofread and edit it. If you present the article without checking for typo errors or inconsistencies, you could lose grades. Leave some time before you sit down to edit and proofread.

Place a ruler under each line to identify any mistakes. This helps focus on any error you may miss out on when skimming through the text. Double-check facts and take a closer look at the names. Write the actors’ names with their right spellings. Any misspelling will reflect badly on the reviewer.

These tips will make your moving picture analysis outstanding. Make sure you critically analyze the movie and not miss out on any important points. Present well-balanced views and don’t overly criticize the acting and cinematography. Remember to proofread and edit the film review in the end.