From Hong Kong to “Home Kong”—The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Hong Kong

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Despite its recent troubles, Hong Kong is still one of the most visited cosmopolitan cities in the world. This year alone, the city received 3.5 million visitors from different countries, half of them from mainland China. The city’s eclectic mix of modern and old attracts all kinds of travelers, and it certainly never gets old as there’s always something new to look forward to in every visit.

As with any trip, one of the first and most important decisions you should make is where to stay. Hong Kong may be a small city, but every significant neighborhood has its vibe and personality that every traveler can enjoy. Once you’ve pinned down the area you would like to stay in, consider booking your Hong Kong tour package with Traveloka, a trusted travel brand that ensures you get the best prices for hotels as well as airline tickets.

To give you an idea about where to stay in Hong Kong, here’s our list of neighborhoods you should check out the next time you’re in town.

Tsim Sha Tsui

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One of the most famous and busiest districts in the Kowloon part of Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui. This neighborhood is probably the best for first-time travelers to the city and for visitors who want to be near a lot of the Hong Kong attractions. 

In this area, you’ll find world-class shopping malls as well as trendy thrift shops, museums, and parks. But best of all, you’ll be within walking distance of the Avenue of the Stars with a majestic view of Hong Kong Island across Victoria Harbour

Watch out for the 10-minute light show that illuminates the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island and the buildings in the Kowloon side. Pick an excellent vantage point such as the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade right outside the Cultural Centre.

Wan Chai

Like a lot of Hong Kong’s districts, Wan Chai is a busy commercial one as well, but what sets it apart from the rest is that this neighborhood still features vestiges of Hong Kong’s British colonial past. You can take part in the Wan Chai Heritage Trail that showcases architectural landmarks that tell the story of Hong Kong from its colonial roots to its modern cosmopolitan status.

Aside from historical attractions, the district is also known for lush parks, cultural venues, as well as bars and restaurants. If you’re someone who likes to party regularly, Wan Chai is an excellent place to stay in.

Mong Kok

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Budget travelers and bargain shoppers will find a home in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district. As one of Hong Kong’s foremost residential neighborhoods, expect to score some of the more affordable guesthouses in the area. The community is also well-known for being the go-to-place for some of the city’s most beautiful street food and street fashion. Just walk around the neighborhood to find spots like Sneakers Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street, and you’ll know you’ve come to the right place for a bargain.

Not only can you find bargain fashion, but you can also check out the neighborhood’s electronics center for gadgets with astonishing discounts and the Ladies’ Market for souvenirs and other decorations. There is even a whole section of streets dedicated to buying and selling goldfish, for some reason.

Causeway Bay

Fashionistas who come to Hong Kong for its world-class shopping experience should stay in no other neighborhood than Causeway Bay. Here, you’ll find the most concentration of shopping malls, boutiques, and market stalls. This district’s got everything for every budget—from high-end department stores like Times Square to more down-to-earth markets like Jardine’s Crescent Market.

Within the area, you can also visit other attractions such as Victoria Park, Happy Valley Racecourse, and the history Noonday Gun. Plus, you can hitch a ride at the Ding Ding trams, Hong Kong’s unique double-decker trams that have been in operation since 1904.

Sheung Wan

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Sheung Wan District is an excellent alternative to the busy and glamorous area of Central. As its right next to it, you can still easily access the sights and attractions in Central without the expensive accommodations.

As one of the oldest districts of Hong Kong, the Sheung Wan District also has a more mature and historic vibe. Not many people know it, but the district was the landing site of the British when they arrived in Hong Kong in 1841. 

Compared to other neighborhoods in the city, the Sheung Wan District is less crowded and more laidback, at least by Hong Kong standards. However, little by little, old shops are getting converted to trendy cafes, which means it’s only a matter of time before the district becomes modernized. As such, there’s no better time like today to experience Sheung Wan’s hidden gems.

You can’t go wrong with choosing any of these neighborhoods in Hong Kong. Each has something unique to offer guests, and with the city’s super-reliable public transportation, you can visit every community anyway. Not only will it be a fun activity to do in Hong Kong, but it will give you a more in-depth insight into how diverse this small cosmopolitan city is.