How Safe Is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?


The effects of hormones on the human body are phenomenal. Among all the glands, the pituitary gland is the most important one. It is the one gland that is responsible for growth in human beings. It is also said to play the role of the master gland that controls the other glands in the human body.

Chemical messages sent by the hypothalamus are said to trigger the growth hormone. It is also known as HGH (Human Growth Hormone), and it affects various parts of the human body, including bones, height, and muscles.

HGC injections are used in children and adults in order to trigger growth. As the two sides of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages to using HGC. There are several debates conducted by medical experts who agree and disagree with using HGC or human growth hormone therapy. In this article, we will look at both sides of this debate.

The Advantages Of Using HGH


Like all types of medicine and therapies, HGH has its advantages for human beings. It is the primary reason people often forego the disadvantages involved with it. Firstly, we look at the benefits associated with human growth hormone therapy.

Potential Advantages for Adults

Since we see a lot of adults taking up HGC therapy, we will see the advantages that they have for them. There are many advantages associated with using human growth hormone therapy, and we list a few of them below. Using HGC on adults can help with the following:

Decrease Body Fat

An increase in body fat can often lead to several health complications. Taking up human growth hormone therapy can help reduce body fat considerably. Reducing body fat means lessening the risks of other health problems as well.

Increase Exercising Ability


Although it is not something allowed in professional sports, athletes use HGH therapy to obtain increased exercising ability. Taking injections such as these helps them exercise better and longer.

Increase Muscle Mass

People who wish to build their bodies for competitions tend to use HGH for increasing muscle mass. They consider this a relatively safe choice over other options accessible to build muscles in the current market.

Increased Bone Density

The density of the bone is said to be affected by HGH therapy. Taking HGH injections regularly and in prescribed quantities can help increase bone density considerably. People wishing to gain strength should use it.

Adults with Potential Disadvantages


As we mentioned, there are potential side effects and disadvantages attached to using HGH therapy. These may not apply to anyone who takes HGH but to specific individuals. That is why we have categorized them in the potential risk column and not otherwise.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is a common condition that many people suffer from as a result of underlying health issues. Anyone taking HGH has a higher risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar processing gets affected due to the body’s inability to process sugar properly. Your body can become capable of resisting insulin or not producing the required amounts.

Swelling of Legs and Arms

This condition is also called edema. It is when a person suffers due to the body not accepting HGH therapy. Excess fluids usually cause this condition. Either one or both legs and arms can end up swelling and result in discomfort. It can be in different parts of the arms and legs of a person. It can also differ from one person to another.

Muscle Pain


Pain in the muscles or joints is a reality when an individual takes up HGH therapy. It can be due to the sudden growth triggered by the therapy using human growth hormone. The joints may also suffer from pain with it.


It is a condition that happens in males. Breast tissue enlargement can frequently result in the appearance of masculine breasts. Regular exercise can help avoid this condition in most cases while on HGH therapy.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition can cause the wrists to shake randomly. A person suffering from this condition may find it difficult to even hold a glass of water steadily.

Getting Rid of Risk Factors

Almost all of these disadvantages can be directly associated with underlying health conditions that a person may have. So, it is better to get a health check-up done before you decide to take up HGH from

When a doctor checks your health, they will be able to identify underlying conditions that you were not even aware of. It will help them decide if HGH therapy is the right option for them. Therefore, anyone starting HGH therapy should consult their general physician.

HGH For Children


The advantages of human growth hormone therapy for children are much higher than those for adults. It is often due to them not having too many underlying health conditions. It is one of the primary reasons they have better results with HGH therapy than adults.

Reasons for the requirement of HGH therapy for children:

  • Delayed puberty
  • Hair growth is compromised
  • Looking younger for their age
  • Short stature

With regular intake of HGH therapy for children, they can achieve remarkable differences in terms of growth. The differences are usually visible within 2 years. Below, we look at some disadvantages children may have with HGH therapy.

When the children face these problems, the physician will stop human growth hormone therapy. Once the therapy is halted, the children will resume living normally without any trouble.


Human growth hormone therapy is considered to work well for both adults and children alike. However, adults have a higher chance of a reaction or side-effect due to HGH therapy. Consulting with a physician and taking proper HGH therapy would help avoid or minimize the risks involved if you are an adult. With children, you can simply stop the therapy, and they will recover in no time at all. We can conclude by saying that adequate precautions can avoid or minimize the risks involved in HGH therapy.