Why is Owning a Sex Doll still so Weird

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In the past, the purchase of sex toys was considered taboo. Well, not only the purchase of sex toys. Most of the sexual practices employed today were. Thankfully, the archaic beliefs fall off over time. The age of sexual repression has passed and one of sexual freedom is taking its place. The current age has seen a huge rise in sex toy purchases. The various styles and types they come in have all increased in sales as people understand how good these items can be for enhanced sexual experience during masturbation or even during sex with a partner. For more information you can visit cam4.com.

However, there is a certain niche that doesn’t get as much acceptance overall. For those inside it mentioning that they are in possession of a certain sex toy may cause others to look at them differently. We are talking about sex dolls and people who own them. These sex toys are no different from the other ones in their use, despite being the size of a whole person, yet certain preconceived notions spark in people’s minds whenever they hear about or see one.

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These notions usually stem from the way people possessing sex dolls have been portrayed by the media. The characters in media who possess sex dolls are usually creepy, unkempt, weird people who use sex dolls as a replacement for romantic relationships. These characters are often seen addressing their sex doll by name and treating it as a real person. It’s safe to say there are very few people who behave this way with their sex dolls. Giving them names is a very rare thing and you are more likely to find sex doll owners being weirded out if you asked them for their sex doll’s name. The whole humanization part is another rarity among the community. The act of humanizing a sex toy is guaranteed to weird people out even on forums dedicated to these sex toys. There are more chances of people forming unhealthy relationships with other objects than with a sex doll. The chances of forming said relationship with a media character are even higher, as we can see across the last two decades with people being too into their favorite characters from shows they watch.

Bottom line is, humanizing sex dolls is weird and far from common practice in the community.

The other prominent reasoning for sex dolls’ unflattering perception is that they look creepy. This is a very understandable point of view. Sex doll manufacturers always strive towards realism, attempting to replicate as many human features on the sex doll. This can easily lead to uneasy feelings due to the item’s likeness to a real human being and their lack of any response. Basically, sex dolls evoke the uncanny valley effect and put people on edge. That feeling has no “fix” to it. It’s not an unreasonable feeling to have and it comes instinctively. However, it’s no justification for judging others. Sure, if you walked into your friend’s house and saw a life-sized doll on the couch you’d most likely get stressed out as your brain tries to parse whether the doll is a human or not. Of course, one would expect people to store their sex dolls away after being done. It’s a fair assumption and if a person isn’t keen on storing their sex doll away they may be a bit on the messy side as that’s a pretty simple part of clearing out the apartment.

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The way of purchasing and transporting sex dolls may add to the notions of weirdness. This sentiment is generally unavoidable with any sex toy. Despite the increase in sales and the fact that sex toys have become decently normalized it’s difficult to avoid awkward stares. The tendency of people to speculate around simple sex toy purchases may not be something you need to concern yourself with often but depending on the area you live in it may have obnoxious negative repercussions. The less sex-positive places may make it difficult to get any sex toys at all. However, if you are interested in sex dolls you needn’t worry. The online sex doll shop myminisexdoll.com has you covered.

Other, more specific worries that may raise an eyebrow when sex dolls are concerned. The most common one is their design. While the market is pretty varied and the options ever-expanding there’s another, frequently present, option on the market. This option is custom-made sex dolls. The custom sex doll allows people to mix and match their favorite features into a sex doll that may not otherwise be able on the market. Maybe another model is very similar but their eyes and hair color are off, or their body proportions don’t fit the person’s preferences. Overall, it offers the ultimate purchasing experience.

On the other hand, there can be some creepiness involved in the process. The thing that is straight-up creepy is modeling one after a real person from everyday life. This is a pretty guaranteed way to make people feel uncomfortable about the existence of sex dolls. It pulls the stereotype of the creepy guy who dines with his sex doll into the picture. While the real-life person may embody features somebody likes, it’s weird to fully replicate them as a sex toy for obvious reasons. Thankfully, this is another rare occurrence.

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The last notion to dwell on is that people always assume sex doll owners are single or lonely. This doesn’t have to be true as couples can use a sex doll during sex. Not to mention there are opportunities to add different accessories to the doll, allowing it to fulfill different sexual stimulation for either partner. Sex dolls may also be used by couples who wish to implement a third party into their sex life but aren’t feeling comfortable about introducing a human member yet.


While there is some odd behavior that people owning sex dolls may express it’s not a big part of owning one. These cases are either rare or discouraged by the communities that form around sex dolls so the formed prejudice towards the whole group is far from justified. These items are seen as sex toys and any roleplay happening with them will be purely contained during sex. In the end, owning a sex doll doesn’t tell you anything about the person. Owning a sex doll isn’t any different than owning any other sex toy.